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Meera Finds New Boyfriend

Meera Finds New Boyfriend Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed

Meera Finds New Boyfriend  Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed Lollywood actress’s love-life takes a new twist, Meera finds new love! If her husband Captain Naveed cheated on her back and enjoyed an ‘affair’ with a Bangladeshi woman; Meera is also said to be developing and enjoying a relationship afresh. The …

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Pakistani Actress Mathira Khan Leaked Video

Mathira is a Pakistani model, dancer, singer and a television host. You are watching another video leaked of Pakistani Actress Mathira Khan. Mathira Khan caught drunk in Dubai. In this video you are watching Mathira Khan walking here and there and say something to a boy. What she said to …

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Watch Video: Punjab Police Dance

After watching this video you can’t stop laughing. In this video Lion of Punjab Police enjoy and dancing with each other. Two men dance like that with fellow officers was able to show Dad you in this video. This is one of the funniest video. Must watch and comment below. …

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Noor Select as Heroine for “Maula Jatt Remake”

Noor Select as Heroine for “Maula Jatt Remake” Famous Film star and host Noor is finalized to play key role in Bilal Lashari upcoming film which is remake of famous Punjabi film Maula Jutt (1979). The director made the 1st blockbuster Waar in 2013, the movie was record breaking and awarded as best …

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