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Girls Health

Girls health and fitness is essential in life.. here are some tips to help you.


Disadvantages of Smoking

  Stop Smoking: As we all know that smoking is an evil and is not a good thing to be used because it’s one of the dangerous thing for health and it destroys the internal as well as external appearance of a person. Nowadays the number of smokers is increasing …

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Garlic and Your Health

20 Major Benefits of Garlic

Garlic And Your Health: Garlic is an herb and is used for flavoring the food whenever food is cooked garlic is used. Garlic is not only used as flavoring food or for adding during cooking but it has also medicinal values and is one of the best remedy for many …

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How Does Healthy Food Prevent Diseases

Food As Medicine: As Almighty Allah has blessed us with many blessings and from all of them blessings food is one of the necessary blessing which we not only eat but it gives us number of the benefits and we can also use those food stuff as medicine for number …

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The fastest way to lose stomach fat

Fastest Way Lose Belly Fat

As we all know better that nowadays obesity and fat issues are increasing day by day and people wants to get rid of them and look slim and smart that they gain the attention of people towards them. Fatness and bulky stomach looks so weird and sometimes over fat affect …

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Weight Loss Tips For Girls

Overweight has always been a major issue of concern for many, especially for the women. As Now we are surviving in mechanical era, where we have numerous machines for doing almost all household and other works. Lack of physical activity combined with unhealthy lifestyle which pushes us towards the obesity …

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Best stomach exercises for women

Best stomach exercises for women

People are getting more and more conscious regarding their physical appearance and outlook and for that very purpose they can go to any extreme in the run of looking presentable. When it comes to ladies and women than the craze is even higher because females are the one which are …

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Tips For Girls To Remain Slim

Tips to remain slim and healthy for girls

Everyone in the society today is conscious regarding his or her health and do take this issue very seriously. Amongst the health issue the very common issue and very common concern is regarding the weight and the Slimness of the body. People love to look good and presentable and for …

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Exercises for Hip Pain During Pregnancy

During Pregnancy Exercises for Hip Pain

Exercises during Pregnancy for Hip Pain The changes in your body during pregnancy result in hip pain. The weight of the growing baby in the uterus and the weakening of the tendons and ligaments supporting the hip bone at once cause the pain. Moreover, you can sleep only on your …

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