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Want To Embrace Islam

Want To Embrace Islam Assalamu Alaikum I have been practicing Islam for a while now and I want to insha-Allah embrace it but there are serious problems that I am encountering. My husband and I have been having marital problems for a while now and even though things are going …

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Sunnah And Hadith

Sunnah And Hadith “And whatever the Messenger gives you, take it, and whatever he forbids you, leave it. And fear Allah: truly Allah is severe in punishment. ” [Qur’an 59:7] In Islam, the Arabic word sunnah has come to denote the way Prophet Muhammad (saas), the Messenger of Allah, lived …

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How Islam Can Help You Quit Smoking

How Islam Can Help You Quit Smoking One of the dangers of tobacco is that it is so addicting. It causes a physical response in your body when you try to give it up. Therefore, quitting is often difficult. However, with the help of Allah and the personal commitment to …

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Special Dua For Sehri

Translation: Laailaaha Illallaahul Hayyul Qayyumul Qaaimu Alaa Kulli Nafsin Bimaakasabat. Translation: Allah – there is no God except Him; He is Alive (eternally, on His own) and the Upholder (keeps others established); so is He who keeps a watch over the deeds of every soul. Read this dua 7 time …

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Foundation Of Islam

Foundation Of Islam Verily the praise is for Allah, we praise Him, and we ask for His Help, and His Forgiveness, and we repent to Him. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of our own selves, and from the sins of our actions. Whoever is guided by Allah, …

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Concept of God in Islam

Concept of God in Islam WAMY Series: On Islam No.9. Introduction It is a known fact that every language has one or more terms that are used in reference to God and sometimes to lesser deities. This is not the case with Allah. Allah is the personal name of the …

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Girl Becomes A Muslim

Girl Becomes A Muslim

Girl Becomes A Muslim “Becoming Muslim” “Muslim – Christian Dialog” changed her life Sister Kelly Another Sister (15 years old) Becomes Muslim Surrounded by Christians – Hard, but not impossible Story of 15 year old girl coming to Islam 15 Year Old, Good-Christian Girl – Becomes 15 Year Old, Good-Muslim …

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Neend Se Namaz Achi

Kal fursat na mili to kya karoge, Itni mohallat na mili to kya karoge, Roz kehte ho kal padhunga Namaz, Kal agar saans na rahi to kya karoge? Rasam se Sunnat acchi, Neend se Namaz acchi, Gunaah se Neki acchi, Bazaar se Masjid acchi Fuzool baaton se Quran ki tilawat …

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Five Pillars of Islam

They are the framework of the Muslim life: Faith, Prayer, Concern for the needy, Self-purification and the pilgrimage to Makkah for those who are able. 1) FAITH There is no god worthy of worship except God and Muhammad is His messenger. This declaration of faith is called the Shahada, a …

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