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Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 8: providing you latest drama Jahez Episode 8. No you can watch all episodes of . Jahez Episode 8 is going to play here and you are watching Jahez Episode 8 drama by Geo Tv. creating great drama’s and in this Faisal Qureshi working great with Abid Ali. So enjoy this great drama Jahez Episode 8.

Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Drama: Jahez Episode 8

Written By:
Amna Mufti.
Directed By: Babar Javaid.
Produced By: A&B Productions.
Fresh Timing: 8:00 pm
Day: Thursday
Cast: Hina Dilpazir, , Abid Ali, , , Fizza Zehra, Sadia Ghaffar, Aamir Qureshi, Naveed Raza, Suzane, Hajra Khan, Tehreem Fatima and Shahid Naqvi

Jahez Episode 8 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 8 Part 1

Jahez Episode 8 Part 2

Jahez Episode 8 Part 3

Jahez Episode 8 Part 4

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Geo Tv Episode 8: The story of a mother and father on a shocking mission: to collect dowry for their three unmarried daughters using their only son Sheikhoo (Faisal Qureshi). When Sheikhoo is married off with a lot of pomp and ceremony, little does he realize that his wedding will set in motion a shocking chain of events, which will leave his life in ruins, just so his sisters’ futures can be secured. A serial which throws light on the social custom of Jahez and the lengths people are willing to go to for it.


  1. I saw a family in my life..same like shaiko's family.. Good drama like an eye opener..

  2. it is a good drama but most of the situations are over in the play according to the reality or u must say casuality…

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