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  1. seema!!!!!!!!!! if u think that Allah just looks at ur heart not clothes den y dont u put off ur clothes??????????????

    do u kno wat iz haya?????

    islam iz having some rules ok. n just mind ur language.

  2. i search a very intelligent and clever friends

  3. I am so proud of veena Malik. She is a strong woman.people are jealous of her.keep up the braveness dear..EVeryone is a Sinner. You all do it in a different way..look at your sins..then judge her..God judges the heart Not your clothes…

    • seema g i thing your think and mind same just like veena malik than y dont u try know like a veena malik

  4. ha hi kanjri


  6. very very bad

  7. veena malik to kutay ki putr ha

  8. very gud keep it up but shamefull to u

  9. very very shameful

  10. kya baat hai mazaa aagaya manual directory submission<http://www.asmirkhan.com

  11. kya bakwaaas hai

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