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Ufone Call Packages and Details

Ufone Call Packages and Details

Here you can see the all details for the Ufone Call Packages, Ufone is the biggest connection network in Pakistan, it has been provide that very fantastic calling facilities to all communities with handsome and economical packages, you must kept in mind needs and requirements of its customers and that is why you find a wide range of packages in its collection, you can get all call packages that are mentioned on here with suitable charges applied and all details of that network. If you are interesting in these connection then you must look here all call rates and packages by the Ufone prepaid. Ufone brings for you Wonderful packages, you can enjoy the lowest call rates all the night, that night package is also extended over to the weekends and you can make your long calls on Ufone to Ufone numbers on prescribed times. now the latest packages are available here just like that Ufone ghanta package is another good deal, that ghanta package is applicable to all Ufone numbers and PTCL numbers as well.

Ufone network connections brings for the customers Super Call offers, there is very easy to activate that offers on your mobile phone, as well as you can get the information of the international call rates by the Ufone prepaid, now you can easily to talk shalk with their lovers and families any time and any where, but that facilities of the Ufone lowest call rates provide their lovely customer, and also you can sent SMS easily to the abroad through their package  Ufone brings for you super ghanta package, and now you can talk from 4 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening to not only any Ufone number but to any PTCL land-line and Vfone number as well across the country, all for only Rs.3.50/hour. So don’t waste another minute to get this hourly package. You can to subscribe to Super ghanta package dial 444 from your mobile Ufone network. If you touch with us then we will be provide that all information about the Ufone Call Packages and Details on this package online.

Ufone Ghanta Package:

Ufone presents yet another exciting offer! “Ufone Ghanta Package

  • Talk for practically the entire day from 9 am to 5 pm for only 5.99/hour.
  • Only Ufone gives U the most discounted call rates in the country! So what are you waiting for?
  • Dial 444 to activate this package today and enjoy calling at the lowest rates for the longest time.

Super Ghanta Package tariff details

Super Ghanta Package:
 Ufone to Ufone0400 Hrs to 1659 HrsRs 3.50 / Hr
 Ufone to Ufone1700 Hrs to 0359 HrsRs 1.00 / Min
 Ufone to Other Mobiles24 HoursRs 1.60 / Min
 Ufone to PTCL0400 Hrs to 1659 HrsRs 3.50 / Hr
 Ufone to PTCL1700 Hrs to 0359 HrsRs 1.60 / Min
 Ufone to International24 HoursStandard rates apply
 Ufone to Ufone24 HoursRs 1.50 + Tax / SMS
Ufone to Other Mobiles24 HoursRs 1.50 + Tax / SMS
Ufone to PTCL24 HoursRs 1.50 + Tax / SMS
 Ufone to International24 HoursRs. 2.50 / SMS

Super Call Offer:

Go ahead make as many calls as U want to all Ufone numbers 24 hours a day at the best rate of Rs. 3.50/hour and that too without any daily charge.

  1. Now that’s what we call a truly super offer!
  2. To activate Super Call Offer, simply dial *45#

Life plus Package:

With this package, you can enjoy the lowest call rates all the night. This night package is also extended over to the weekends and you can make long calls on Ufone to Ufone numbers on prescribed times. Follow the details and activate this package on your SIM card to enjoy the exciting deal from Ufone.

You can make unlimited Ufone to Ufone calls from 12am to 7am.

  1. To subscribe to this offer, dial *444*50# or call at 444 and follow instructions. Ufone UNite / Postpaid Night Call Packa
  2. Charges for these calls are Rs.2.50 plus taxes per hour.
  3. You are also charged for the daily subscription fee of Rs.1.00 plus taxes.
  4. On weekends (Saturday and Sunday), you are charged for Rs.4.99 plus taxes per hour from 9am to 5pm.
  5. Charges for weekend nights (Saturday and Sunday) are Rs.2.50 plus taxes per hour from 12am to 7am.
  6. Apart from these timings, costs of on-net calls (Ufone to Ufone) are Rs.1.25 plus taxes per 30 seconds.
  7. Charges for off-net calls (Ufone to other networks) are Rs.1.30 plus taxes per 30 seconds.
  8. Weekend is meant of 12am of Saturday to 11:59pm of Sunday.
  9. ge:
  10. You can make unlimited calls from 9pm to 6am to all Ufone numbers across Pakistan.
  11. These calls are charged free of cost.
  12. From 6am to 9pm, all Ufone to Ufone calls will be charged at the rate of Rs.0.50 plus taxes per 30 seconds.
  13. Charges for subscribing this package are Rs.500 per month, which are billed as Line Rent.

Terms & Conditions:

  • One time subscription charges are Rs. 10 + tax Th
  • is offer is valid for all prepaid packages except city based offers
  • This rate also applies to Ufone Friends & Family
  • This facility is not available on Bundle Offer calls
  • The maximum duration of a call is 59:59 minutes
  • Daily charges will continue to apply on existing package of customers
  • You can unsubscribe super call offer by dialing *451#
  • Limited time offer
  • Terms and conditions apply
  • 19.5% FED on usage and other taxes on recharge or bill apply.
  • Using a SIM which is not in your name or allowing others to use your SIM is a crime – PTA

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  1. I was Ufone ghanta package subscriber but then i changed to super ghanta offer that is much better according to my need

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