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Shoaib Akhter First Time On Media After Marriage

In this video you are watcing former cricketer Shoaib Akhter first time on media talking about his wife. Shoaib Akhter marry to teenage girl from the district of Haripur. He also advice to all youngster married life is very happy life. He talk about his wife, she is very lovable …

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Watch Video: Fight Between Man and Fish

This is very hilarious and outstanding video. After watching you may be shocked. In this video you are watching a fight between man and fish. Fish kept him hand into the mouth and man put out of the fish into the river. This video of man between fish goes famous …

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Watch Video: Mathira Khan show Solidarity with Gaza Victims

Actress Mathira Khan

The notorious Pakistani Model and starlet Mathira Mohammed has stated something which numerous of our political leaders as well as top celebrities are thinking twice to discuss. In a current video blog site, Mathira chatted about Palestine concern and show solidarity with Gaza Victims. Mathira which is primarily understood for her well-known acts, …

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Meera Finds New Boyfriend Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed

Meera Finds New Boyfriend

Meera Finds New Boyfriend  Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed Lollywood actress’s love-life takes a new twist, Meera finds new love! If her husband Captain Naveed cheated on her back and enjoyed an ‘affair’ with a Bangladeshi woman; Meera is also said to be developing and enjoying a relationship afresh. The …

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Pakistani Actress Mathira Khan Leaked Video

Mathira is a Pakistani model, dancer, singer and a television host. You are watching another video leaked of Pakistani Actress Mathira Khan. Mathira Khan caught drunk in Dubai. In this video you are watching Mathira Khan walking here and there and say something to a boy. What she said to …

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