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Student Interview For Visa

STUDENT INTERVIEW FOR VISA That was a funny clip but here we suggest you not do like this… In pakistan you know nothing left for us to stay here but our hearts are pure pakistani we go other countries only for earn some money and provide every thing which is …

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Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes Great collection of friendship quotes, design by Punjabi and he create this friendship quotes by himself. Friendship quotes are always lovely and deeply friendship quotes. See More Friendship Quotes: Click Here

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Student Funny Taqreer

Student Funny Taqreer Eak student taqreer kar raha hai, funny taqreer ho rahi hai or taqreer k doran teachers ney us ka timeout kiya to us ney teachers ko aaala jugat lagai. Must watch it and do reply.

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Teachers Killing English

Teachers Killing English……

Teachers Killing English…… 1-Class teacher once said : “Pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!” 2-Once Urdu teacher said….”I’m going out of the world to America..” 3-“..DON’T TRY TO TALK IN FRONT OF MY BACK…” 4-Dont…Laugh at the back benches…otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down….. 5-It …

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Funny Doosra Dhamaka, Bomb Blast

Funny Doosra Dhamaka, Bomb Blast Funny Doosra Dhamaka, Bomb Blast: Mohammad Ameer Muawiya Langrial k sath Funny Doosra Dhamaka hoa hai, is Funny Doosra Dhamakay mein akheer he shugal hai.     Watch Funny Doosra Dhamaka, Bomb Blast Video

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Pakistani Media Funny Reporter | Indus News

Pakistani Media Funny Reporter | Indus News Pakistani Media Funny Reporter: A Pakistani Media funny reporter broadcasting news regarding EID, He is standing at the railway stairs and telling us that people is going back to there homes for EID. Its really funny.   Watch Pakistani Media Funny Reporter Video

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Itla-e-aam Hashmat Ali stands outside Press Club in Peshawar, Tuesday, holding a placard inscribed with his demand for marriage. He is saying that i to be a married person. I want to live my life.

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