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Girls Health

Girls health and fitness is essential in life.. here are some tips to help you.

Best and Worst Foods for Blood Pressure

10 Best and Worst Foods for Blood Pressure

10 Best and Worst Foods for Blood Pressure One reason for essential hypertension is western-style dietary habits. If you notice that people living in rural areas of China, Brazil, and Africa show no signs of essential hypertension, even with advanced age. To help you solve this problem, here are top …

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benefits of banana

Benefits of Banana

Benefit of Banana Banana is one of people favorite fruit. You can get it easily everywhere. There are many benefit from banana for your health. Here they are: Banana contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone that is known to make …

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Facial Excersie

Facial Fitness Exercise

Facial Fitness Exercise Being beautiful on the outside is all about keeping the face young and looking healthy. We know that the absence of wrinkles and sags, as well as having taut, toned, smooth and glowing skin are the signs of youthful and healthy beauty. Some go through so much …

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Allergies All of us have varying degrees of sensitivity of the skin. There are some of us whose skin seems invulnerable to allergies and irritations, while some have skin which develops rashes with just one light prick of a pin or a needle. Regardless of how sensitive or seemingly insensitive …

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Eliminating Headaches

Eliminating Headaches Do you feel that reaching for the aspirin is the only way to cope with a horrible headache? Stop! There are other ways of dealing with the problem … Did you know that daily or near-daily headaches affect up to five percent of the population? It is little …

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kiwi fruit

Benefits of Kiwi

Benefits of Kiwi Kiwi fruit contains great nutritional value, which few people appreciate. Weight for weight they are substantially richer in vitamin C than oranges and contain more fiber than apple. They’re very rich in potassium, which is important for the prevention of high blood pressure. Kiwi is also valuable …

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exercise at work

Exercise At Work

Exercise At Work Office work can be very stressful to city dwellers who have no time for outdoor exercise. Prevent burn out and injury. Here are exercises you can do five times each while standing or sitting at your desk. Lower Backache & Pressure * Inhale and slowly bring your …

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head massage

Head to Toe Self Massage

Head to Toe Self Massage Massage is invigorating and you can do it for yourself. Just follow these easy techniques: Head: For a relaxing scalp massage to drain away the day’s tensions and leave you feeling relaxed and alert, place your hands on your scalp at the roots of your …

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healthy eating

Healthy Eating Habits

Healthy Eating Habits With skimpy swimsuits and trips to the beach in mind, toning various body parts and dropping a few pounds in time for summer has become a priority for many. Coupled with regular cardiovascular exercise, healthy eating habits can severely impact one’s weight as well as one’s overall …

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stress relief

Stress Relief !

  Stress Relief !  Constant stress can wreak havoc on our bodies, our minds and our souls. Some medical problems are triggered by continual stress, and emotional trauma, instability and mild forms of depression are also likely to result. By taking a few moments to de-stress when you feel the …

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