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China Grass Recipe Step by Step in Urdu

China Grass Recipe Method: The recipe is quite delicious and tasty one. Take 1- ½ tbsp. of china grass powder and add water in it and soak it also and heat it till it completely mix with water well and add milk and sugar in it and cook for 10 …

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Saltfish Potato Cake Recipe

Saltfish Potato Cake Recipe Method: This cake is salty and sweet in taste and is having a unique flavor. Take a bowl in which add potatoes, bens, salt, porridge, tomatoes, spring onion, stew, eggs, white chili powder and add butter and mix it well. Now take a greasy tray and …

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Chicken Garlic Recipe by Chef Zakir

Chicken Garlic: This recipe is quite simple and tasty let’s learn how it is prepared. Ingredients: • Boneless Chicken: 1kg • Chinese salt: 1tbsp • Red chili powder: 1tsp • Soya sauce: 1tbsp • Oil : for frying • Egg: 1 • Salt: To taste: • Corn Flour: 3tbsp • …

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Desi Lasagna/Lazania Recipe in Urdu

Desi Lazaniya : This recipe is mid time snacks and is quite delicious. Mostly after listening the word of “Lasagna/Lazania” something comes in mind very tasty. Ingredients: * Noodles: 400gms * Chicken boneless:200gm * Peas:1/4 cup * Capsicum: 1/4cup * Spring onion:chopped1/4cup * Carrots: 2 grated * Garlic ginger paste:1tsp …

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Urdu Recipe: Achari Keema Pizza

Achari Qeema Pizza: The one of the tasty and tremendous recipe it is. Not much popular but unique taste for Asian food lovers. Try this and enjoy, after making this wonderful pizza share with us your experience and taste. Ingredients: * Cumin seeds: 1tbsp * Coriander dry: 1tbsp * Fenugreek …

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Mutton Coconut Fry Recipe

Mutton Coconut Fry: The recipe is quite different and unique. very easy and quick method to taste Mutton Coconut Fry with in no time. Enjoy your meal. Ingredients: * Mutton: Half kg * Chopped coconut: Half cup * Kari pata: 10 * Onion: Medium size * Green chilies:6-7 * Black chilies …

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Meat Golden Heart Recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

Meat Golden Heart Recipe in Urdu by Chef Zakir

Meat Golden Heart Recipe Method: Blend the green chilies, coconut and add salt in blender and blend them take sauce pan pour 2 tbsp oil heat it and pour minced meat with garlic paste and fry it well and add red chili powder, salt, turmeric powder, green chili paste, gram …

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