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Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 – Drama Hum Tv

Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 – Drama Hum Tv

Durr e Shahwar Episode 14: A new drama serial Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 by Hum Tv is going to played and LahoriMela.com is providing you all latest episodes of Durr e Shahwar. Now you are watching Durr e Shahwar Episode 14. This is the latest episode of Durr e Shahwar drama. Please enjoy the drama Durr e Shahwar and share with your friends. Keep visiting LahoriMela.com

Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 Hum Tv Drama
Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 Hum Tv Drama

Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 – Drama Hum Tv

The plot revolves around Shandana and Hyder who have been married for eight years but are now having problems in their marriage.

Shandana goes to Murree with her daughter to spend the holidays with her parents, Durreshehwar and Mansoor. She cannot help envying her mother who has a devoted husband and is very happy, and subconsciously keeps comparing her husband with her father – until she learns that life is never a bed of roses and her mother’s happiness didn’t come easy.

Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 – Drama Hum Tv

Drama: Durr e Shahwar Episode 14
Channel: Hum Tv
Written By: Umera Ahmed
Directed By: Haissam Hussain
Production By: Momina Duraid and Six Sigma
Cast: Samina Peerzada, Sanam Baloch, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Nadia Jamil, Nauman Ijaz, Qavi Khan, Affan Waheed, Sajal Ali, Laila Zuberi, Seemi Raheel, Saba Faisal


Durr e Shahwar Episode 14 – Drama Hum Tv

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  1. really fantastic drama n morall lesson as well its very hard to survive such these kind of stuff but we muslim girls face the reality n make compromises in every condition,,,,n dis is the fact of life which is harsh n bitter slaam to all great ladies who have sacrificied

  2. its the best drama with strong dialogues.

  3. I see this drama and the dureshawar is a most beautiful girl in the word so i like drama because of her and story is all most good and true pakistani dramas are always best at the indian boring dramas i like it very much i hope next drama is also hit and best

  4. superhit darama,it is reality of life

  5. best drama duray shywar i like it hakeekat pay mabni drama hay

  6. Good job … No words…

    But this story 97/

    match mother …

    Thanks for this story

    I love this

    Manpreet Indian


  8. Excellent play, tribute to Humaira Ahmed followed by whole team. Heart touching realistic display of emotions …..

  9. A Nikah is between a husband and wife only. Hopefully the jahil Pakistani people will realise that and give women their Islamic rights as granted by Allah.

  10. i see number of epsoide of this drama, i want to appreciate the thinking of writter, very welldon job.

    very best of luck in future

  11. best drama in hum channel

  12. We all should appreciate the character of shahwar’s father. In this episode how he covers the weakness of mansoor . Every girl after marraige face difference of opinion and enviorment but the parents are the back up and support not like safia encourging fazilat . I have seen and experienced it in my life . May allah blessed my parents..

  13. Mohsin Muzaffar

    Durra e Shahwar drama is one of the best drama I have ever seen. Awards should be showered on it. The story, dialogues, charectors everthing is excellent. Moreover, the drama exposes the exploitation of newly married women by our society in the name of false traditions and against modern teachings of Islam. Roles of fathers have been truly emphasised to be a produent and calm in handling family issues

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