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Hum Tv Showing ‘Gay’ Scenes in Pakistani Dramas Shameless Media

Here you can see that which is big news by Hum and you must have to knowing that the news is all about of it. If you have to watched the latest serial drama ‘Humnasheen’ that was too went on air, that drama is presented by Hum Tv on every Sunday. In this latest episode that was broadcast on Sunday 9th June 2013 and they showed Gays scene like two boys making love with very blurred pictures, that not good for our culture, by that drama hum tv what was trying to show for people. Many of the fans of that channels now they had been not like to Hum Tv channels because we are able to watch that kind of dramas with our family or homes. Those people’s who had watched it they harrub took a action against that channel because we all are live in a Muslim Country.

Hum Tv Showing ‘Gay’ Scenes in Pakistani Dramas Shameless Media

Hum Tv Showing 'Gay' Scenes in Pakistani Dramas Shameless Media

According to that scene, what will be thinking about the outside of the world and the neighboring country the most, which of that channels shows the Gay love for your families. That scenes is not only discussed in homes but also its openly now becoming a part of entertainment industry. Due to that topics now up till PEMRA has received a lot of complaints for that scene shows by the Hum Tv, asking it to take right actions against that channel, which is trying to promote that unethical acts within muslim country. According to this our society towards the others countries, we telling you that Hum Tv landed up in this scenario that not a first time while that it was before too that channel Hum Tv was criticized for that Pakistani dramas like called ‘Larki Chahie?’. Its not a good work by the Hum Tv channel for our society and against it that must be took action by the PEMRA. For the latest news you touch with us, please keep visit on this page to get latest updates.

I want all respected member of this page to complain PEMRA against this vulgarity. PLEASE do it, it is necessary www.pemra.gov.pk/feedback

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