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Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv
Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 17: LahoriMela.com providing you latest drama Jahez Episode 17. No you can watch all episodes of . Jahez Episode 17 is going to play here and you are watching Jahez Episode 17 drama by Geo Tv. creating great drama’s and in this Faisal Qureshi working great with Abid Ali. So enjoy this great drama Jahez Episode 17.

Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv

Drama: Jahez Episode 17

Written By:
Amna Mufti.
Directed By: Babar Javaid.
Produced By: A&B Productions.
Fresh Timing: 8:00 pm
Day: Thursday
Cast: Hina Dilpazir, , Abid Ali, , , Fizza Zehra, Sadia Ghaffar, Aamir Qureshi, Naveed Raza, Suzane, Hajra Khan, Tehreem Fatima and Shahid Naqvi

Jahez Episode 17 Drama Geo Tv

Jahez Episode 17 Part 1

Jahez Episode 17 Part 2

Jahez Episode 17 Part 3


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Geo Tv Episode 17: The story of a mother and father on a shocking mission: to collect dowry for their three unmarried daughters using their only son Sheikhoo (Faisal Qureshi). When Sheikhoo is married off with a lot of pomp and ceremony, little does he realize that his wedding will set in motion a shocking chain of events, which will leave his life in ruins, just so his sisters’ futures can be secured. A serial which throws light on the social custom of Jahez and the lengths people are willing to go to for it.


  1. this drama realy reflect the greed of most of pakistani people.unfortunatily we r also surviving in same condition by my cousin,s in-laws.

  2. This drama have moral for all pakistani peoples . it is reality , today every person trying i make rich person only one night . this drama is very good . specially biya bahi character is very dangerious and tarrible . badoo apa is very selfish and hard mother os law .

    this drama of story is very real in pakistan and etc

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