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Maat Episode 24 – Hum Tv Drama

Maat Episode 24 – Hum Tv Drama

Maat Episode 24 - Hum Tv Drama
Maat Episode 24 - Hum Tv Drama

Maat Episode 24: A new drama by Hum Tv Maat drama Episode 24. This is really great drama written by Umera Ahmed. LahoriMela.com provide you all episodes of Maat drama. Now you are watching Drama Maat Episode 24 by Hum Tv.

Drama: Maat
Channel: Hum Tv
Director: Amna Nawaz Khan
Timings: Friday 8:00 pm (PST)
Writer: Umera Ahmed
Cast: Aamina Sheikh, Saba Qamar, Shamim Hilali, Rabia Noreen, Adnan Siddiqui, Samina Ahmed

Maat Episode 24 – Hum Tv Drama

Maat Episode 24 – Hum Tv Drama: Maat is the story of two poor sisters with opposite personalities – Saman, who is overambitious and has no scruples when it comes to making it big in life, and Aiman, who believes in the fundamentals of contentment, sacrifice and compassion and always upholds them as her guiding force. Despite loving her sister Saman never loses an opportunity to snatch away from her whatever her sister loves the most, including her fiancé. Saman believes she can give maat (defeat) to anyone and everyone anytime. The wheels of time keep spinning till finally, Aiman decides to put her foot down and fight for her rights. Will Saman’s selfishness and greed overpower Aiman’s patience and inherent goodness once again, or will Aiman be able to stand her ground? Who faces the final maat in life?

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Maat by Hum Tv Episode 25 – Preview


  1. end bilkul b acha ni hai story tu bna li injam tu acha bnana tha

  2. By watching the preview of episode 25,it’s very heart breaking feeling. How can it be done. What message is intended to be given to society.I feel like wasting my time watching this serial through out 25 episode. Anyway end is not acceptable since it is very very unfair. Honesty,wafa, and love must not be so weak as shown, disheartening end, why did I watch it…….

  3. good  ply on hm

  4. exactly…….. wherzzz the story going???? after watching 3 episode it looks like watched single..so much boring n slowwwwwww going… bandh karo is bakwas ko

  5. Lanat hey yaaar … very bad writer , n stupid director

  6. dita tairy pain no lan kutay dia putra apnay waloon balii pain yowai oo . lan maira awain kithay honda kaire apni pain dee kahni likh diti oo

  7. oooh no what the f…… is this??? aisa reality main nahi hota ,,, sabh bakwas hay Khansabh24 sahi kah rahay hain aise farishta sifat urat ho hi nahi sakti aj kal kay waqat main ….. o pai writer mujhay bhi batana (jande cha kar)

  8. kiya bakwas hy, kiya sabaq dy rahy ho tm sb new generation ko, k jo marzi kro tabah kro logon k ghar hr kisi sy hr khushi yahan tk k jeeny ka haq tk cheen lo, tb hi kamyaabi nily gi, zindagi ki hr khushi qad mo me ho gi, what this nonsence, kiya suman kiya zartash kiya katrina, hr badtameez charactor k liye sukh hi sukh hy or hr sharif k liye Dukh hi Dukh, Kion  akhir kion.


    hate u saba qamar and all these directors and especially the stupid writer

    • yess. absolulety agreed wid khansahb.. is tarah se log doso ki bhaliye k lye sochna chordain aur hr koi apni behen bhaiyo tk ka ghr brbad krta phiray…

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