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Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 22 – Last Episode – 22nd May

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 22 – Last Episode – 22nd May

Drama Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon Hum Tv
Drama Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon Hum Tv
Drama: Main Abdul Qadir Hoon
Mein Abdul Qadir Hun
Recorded & Produced By:
Waqar Ali
Babaer Javaid
Asif Raza Mir & Babaer Javaid..
Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon 22nd May 2011, Every Saturdays at 08:00PM (PST) “Mein Abdul Qadir Hoon” is a unique story of a boy with a heart of gold whose life goes through many twists and turns because of people around him trying to influence him. He is an obedient son but his parents are too busy persons…. DUE to late Episode of Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 20 last time on 7th May you people cant watch episode 21 today you can watch latest episode 21 here online on 8:pm

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 22 – Hum Tv Drama – Last Episode

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon Episode 22 Drama Last Episode

Mein Abdul Qadir Hun

Main Abdul Qadir Hoon starting December 18, 2010 Saturdays at 08:00PM (PST) “Main Abdul Qadir Hoon” is a unique story


  1. Hey ,
           Excellent Drama love u A.Q and Zareen ………

  2. very nice ending . . .its really true. . .mohabbat marr nahi jati  . . . mohabbat saans leti hai

  3. Shoukat ur Rahman

    too good, we should get inspiration.

    this drama is not just a drama, it is a lesson, we should learn from it.

  4. superb drama i have no words to express my eotionsss super hit :tusi-gr8-ho:

  5. very very nice sir i selouted u….asi story aj se pahley kisi ne nhi likhi…kinly is tarha ke dramey banaya karey takey young genration kuch acha sabak seekh sakey…….

  6. Hafiz Abdul Rehman..

    Vry vry awesome drama…..loved it…….i have seen it twice…..specially i searched it over the internet…..coz my folks doesnt allow me to watch drama's……even i hav adopted sum of the qualities of aq…..and believe me…..i have mashallah so much respect and got success in life…..god bless evry body….. :victory:

  7. very nice drama if we watch carefully we can learn a lot from them ,such type of Drama show the right direction, :blah: :blah: :blah:

  8. v nc story.i like it v much.es main society k burayon ko ujager kya gya ha.its really a uniqe story.bye :hath-hilao:

  9. Aq is a nice person and zarine also


  10. sooooooooo nice drama :garmi: :ururu: :yaadein:

  11. mein abdul qadir hoon is a unique story i have seen :yaadein:

  12. The drama was really marvelous. I salute to the drama maker. This drama unravel the secret of a man's success in mortal as well as immortal life. That is the real character that every person gotta be adopted for the betterment of mankind and for the eradication of terrorism. I really enjoyed it a lot. :love-u:

  13. No doubt we are number 1 in drama serials in whole world.. :)

    And MAQH i of number 1 :)

    :flower: :love-u: :hath-hilao:

  14. yar bht he nice drama ha but itni jaldi khtam nehi karna chayiea tha .yeh tu novel say bi zaiada acha banya ha .thnx 4 making tis :love-u:

  15. nic dream ilike it

    :hasi: :yaadein:

  16. kash k faiz na merta wo b acha ho jata overall drama story and end exceptioan…….

  17. yar yeh to apne bohat ghalat kiya hai itni jaldi drama khatam kar ke i love story salam pesh karta ho yeh drama bnane wale ko :tusi-gr8-ho: ok bye :hath-hilao: :love-u:

  18. i thnk k drama abi khtam nai karna chahiey tha but very nice i lke it


    no 1 drama in world :hath-hilao:

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