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Quaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11 Hum-Tv Drama, Qaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11

Quaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11 Hum-Tv Drama, Qaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11

Drama Serial Qaid-e-Tanhai December Hum
Drama Serial Qaid-e-Tanhai December Hum

Every Friday At 8 pm
Sawera Nadeem , Fasal Quresh,Neelam,saba,Zorain Nizamani
Written By:
Umera Ahmed
Directed By:
Babar Javad

Cast:Asif Raza Mir, Faisal Qureshi, Sawera Nadeem, Sunita Marshal & Others
Starting from 22nd October

Watch Quaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11 Hum-Tv Drama

Quaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11

QUAID E TANHAI Every Friday at 8:00 p.m. only on HUM TV A tale of solitary souls, Qaed-e-Tanhai is the story of Aisha and Moiz, a young couple beset by financial problems owing to which Moiz opts to go to England. He stays there for several years leaving Aisha to face trials and tribulation Umera Ahmed Produced By: A&B Production Directed By: Babar Javed Cast: Asif Raza Mir, Faisal Qureshi, Savera Nadeem, Saba Hameed, Sunita Marshal

Quaid-e-Tanhai Episode 11



  1. This drama is aWwwssSSuuUUmm :peepni: :dance: :hug:

  2. Its seemed like an eternity waiting for some really nice and cool Pakistani drama and I believe that this drama is the complete package,has a wonderful theme,an amazing and a very talented cast that has done an amazing job with the acting.I had lost all hope in the production companies but this drama has made me hopeful again.I think that it truly deserves accolades of appreciation and I hope that we continue to even better projects in the future. Cant wait for the episode this week.

  3. Dear Faisal and the whole team,

    I have sees the whole episodes on net.I never seen this portion of comments.When i look to this portion, i also read the comments of the other people. Which are submitted here. Infect the story of the drama is very powerful. The actors made it more powerful through their actions. I really sluit to the whole team. Especially Hero his son Heroin and her daughter. they have act very well in this drama. Through net it has become possible for me to see its all episode.

    In the end i would like to say

    "May you live long!"


    "May you succeed!"

    Best regards,

    M. Asim

    Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

  4. ummra ahmed is one of my favorit writer .it is one of best drama by ummara keep it up :tusi-gr8-ho: :

  5. one of the best drama serials.best of luck.

  6. I agree with u Rao :taliyan:

  7. ilike this story

    is daramy ki tareef may kheny k liyeh mmery pas alfaz nahi hai

    is serial say bohot kuch sikha ja sakta hai .khas tor say un logon k liyeh jo log apne sub kuch chor kr kamany k liyeh chaly jaty hain .apne watan say bahair :flower:

  8. I hardly have time to watch any asian dramas but since I had seen quaid e tanhai, I have got stuck to it like glue. this is the best drama and feel like real. best acting. they have done justice to it.I cant wait to see the next episode.

    thanks to everyone

    love xxxxx


  9. asalamalikum.

    i just want to say it is the best of best seriel i never see before. faisal and her co stars have done a febilous job.well done n best of luck. hum tv is the best channel. good luck.


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