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Review: Humsafar Episode 13 Analysis

Review: Humsafar Episode 13 Analysis

Review: Humsafar Episode 13
Review: Humsafar Episode 13

Review: Humsafar Episode 13 Analysis: I was actually in two minds about reviewing Humsafar this week – mainly because the story did not really progress much and I was seriously not interested in Sarah’s rants about Khizar asking her out to dinner and Farida telling Sarah her work was done and Sarah has to now step in and do the rest.

However, in the end, I decided to briefly review the episode mainly after seeing all the requests on the DP Chat. OK, so as I said, the story did not move forward at all. We know only that Khirad is still at Batool Khala’s and has had to swallow an enormous amount of pride in doing so. Ashar first had a nervous breakdown and then sought refuge in his usual workaholic self. He also turned down all of Sarah’s requests to discuss Khirad, go out with her and lighten up – and I watched this very contentedly.

Overall, the pace of the episode was mellow. Yes, I understand it was necessary to show the transition of the characters in the new situations and we could not have just expected the director to take a huge leap forward. However, the previous and this episode could have been combined with some crisp editing. The taking-out-to-dinner part of Sarah and Khizar could have been eliminated completely, methinks.

Also, those who were wondering why Batool Khala never calls Ashar got their answer. Honestly, though, I just don’t understand why she gave such a lengthy preface and then launched into Khirad’s innocence. Why not just get to the point and tell him the important thing – that he will soon become a father? I suppose if I ever got into writing novels, they would not be more than ten pages because I have so little tolerance for such depressing/sad scenes on the screen. Anyway, to move on, of course Ashar does not believe Batool Khala. He has blocked Khirad out of his life. And the precap of the next episode was just as depressing.

I fast-forwarded most of this episode and it does seem I will be doing the same next week. Hareem, where are you?

PS: Ashar and Sarah never even got engaged in the novel and I do hope they don’t in this drama serial as well. It was so cute the way Khirad realizes later that Ashar has not married again. If he does, it would totally destroy that part.

Video Discussion by Nadia and co :)

Review: Humsafar Episode 13 Video


  1. This week’s episode could have been edited by at least 60%. There was too much redundancy in the scenes and thus the scenes lost their effect. They could have shown one or two Asher-in-the-office scenes and same with Khirad calling him. We know from the beginning of the episode that she’s tried to reach him numerous times and is smart enough to call the office and not home. As someone said on FB, why not just send him a Text or email with a subject – dude I am innocent, you are going to be a father. If you care to hear the whole story, come to Hyderabad. And what’s up with the stupid Hindi movie style pre-cap of Khirad calling while having a baby! So not needed. I was hoping for the melodrama to be over by now but Farhat Ishtiaq seems to enjoy writing this filmy scenes and dialogues. I was expecting Sarmad and the editing team to grab the scissors and use them!
    Totally pointless episode to watch this week. And next week doesn’t look like it would get any better. I don’t know WHY they are making the whole melodrama last for 4 episodes because there is quite a bit that happens when they reunite. Focus on that relationship more because that was the heart and soul of the drama to begin with. If I was the editor, the 4 dragged out episodes would have been combined into 2.
    I did like the simple look of Khirad and the scene with Daddy would have been effective if there wasn’t so much melodrama preceding it. Too bad it lost it’s effect for me. Also liked how Asher’s dialogues are more like short one-liners now. “leave me alone. I am busy. Close the curtains” – shows his state of mind.

  2. yes it was bit of a drag and the episode could have been condensed a little bit and by the second half we could have seen the labor scene.the office scenes could have been shorter and the dinner scene between sarah and khizar could have been taken out completely.they should have put a younger dad for baby khirad..lol…i also didnt get the point of the rain scene flashback…..other then that the episode was much needed to show the transitions between the characters….i was told that after hareem is born, khirad will stop trying to contact ashar, so maybe thats why they show constant contacting and she even said shes been calling is office non stop and no one picks up.fareeda and sarahas phone call, in the hospital didnt wake ashar? r u kidding me??how can ashar not know that khizar is still in town?…also doesnt it click to ashar that why would khizar and khirad run off and then go to hyderabad and stay by batool khala? is he that dumb ?also, Afsheen should go to karachi and go talk to ashar, since shes been there before too. and im sure hed have no choise but to listen to her.and how did khizar know khirad has reached hyderabad safe and sound? funny! lolZareena can cry a river after she finds out that ashar still wont marry her despo daughter…what kind of mom would want their daughter to end up with a guy who was crazy in love w his first wife, and is gonna be her babys father soon. un realistic for sure!
    also, someone mentioned that hareem will come live w ashar. is that true and why wont khirad live with them as well? would she be willing to let her daughter live with him, what is she gonna do?

  3. Though I agree with you that the story has not moved much but you will appreciate it is needed to show how the characters react after that incident, how did Ashar take his wife’s departure or how is Khirad coping up..after watching Hindi soaps I find in this the pace is amazing and so is the production and direction. All the characters are performing amazing well except Khirad, a bit more expression from her would do wonders to the drama!! :) Tin

  4. I thought the episode was slow too! I ended up fwding most of it! But Im excited about the next one.

  5. Looove the character web!!! Lol it summarizes the the show pretty well! We can watch the show with the that map in our hand in case we get confused! =P For anyone who wants to see the web it starts from 5:23 of the video!

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