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Disappointing Newcomers in Pakistani Drama Industry

Pakistan media is full of energetic, good looking and versatile actors and actresses which have entertained the people for so long and now when their positions are been taken by the newcomers it is more pleasing to see that they are complimenting what was being handed over to them, but despite of all these successful newcomers there are several debutants which have not made such an impression on the big screen, these includes the following:

Disappointing Newcomers in Pakistani Drama Industry


Sara Khan

Sara Khan: A sensational beauty and good communication and still not being counted as the successful debutant, something was wrong. Sara Khan who was casted for her first serial which was Bari Appa was a pretty good serial but the performance of Sara was a question mark. Poor facial impression and expressions especially in the sentimental scenes when she had to cry it seems slightly more comic than tragic. So she needs to work on her expressions and delivery of emotional dialogues if she had to survive in this competitive industry.




Shahzad Sheikh

Shahzad Sheikh: Being such a good looking and attractive personality it was being expected that this newcomer will be one good success in the Drama industry of Pakistan but his initial project which was Mi Raqsam and a lot was expected from him but unfortunately few glimpses of the serial made it clear that the guy has not being up to his best. Also being a part of the successful serial Annie Ki Aiegi Baraat was not doing good to the reputation of Shahzad, a lot is expected and a lot he has to prove.




Sheheryar Munawar

Sheheryar Munawar: A very dashing looking guy and pretty fair complexion should have acting skills which will polish his career in the industry. His very first project was Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Milai which was all very interesting and full of emotions serial but the acting of Shehryar was not up to the standards and even the role requirement made it even worse for him when he was unable to speak due to his dumbness and the conditions become more sever on him when he was to put to bed after the accident he had. Although he was not given the entire exposure and opportunity but still a lot was expected from him. His next project is in the remaking of Tanhaiyan the legendary serial of 90’s, so again the target is very tough because Shehryar have many leading characters in this serial which will make it further difficult for him to mark his presence.

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