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Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 Drama – Hum Tv

Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 Drama – Hum Tv

Latest episode of Shehr-e-Zaat drama. Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 is onair live at Hum Tv on 6th July 2012. Now you are watching Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 – Drama Hum Tv. Mahira Khan is going to rock Shehr-e-Zaat drama serial on Hum Tv. After Humsafar drama Mahira Khan is working in Shehr-e-Zaat drama of Umera Ahmed Novel. This story is about a Modern Artist Girl who Fall in Love with her own made sculpture after some time she saw a real man just same as her sculpture she could not resist away from him she saw him several times at the peak of her excitement and curiosity she finally had an Introduction with him at her friends party. Let see what happen Next. Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 is based on Novel story which is wrriten by Umera Ahmed.Falak being a bold girl she indirectly proposed Slman but he didnt said anything on what falak says to him. Hamza is also intrested in Falak and also tried to his pure feelings to her but Falak rejected her by saying that she dont love him she Love Salman hamza tried to clear her mind from salman’s feeling by teeling her that she wont get any attention or value what she actually deserve if she get married to Salman. Falak was not going to understand as per she is In Love with Salman After how Salman sort of Proposed Falak and She became the happiest girl on Earth . With that Happiness and beuty and Complition she became more proud and rude . Their was huge Proudness in her nature she dont even want to talk to lower class people.Falak and Salman Gets Married at the first day she gets that Salman is not going to give her value or care what she deserve.falak and salman shared their personalities with each otger and dreamt about a beautiful life ever Falak’s mother was happy because Falak was happy and satisfied she told her mother about her happy life. Falak and Salman shop with they spend alot of money on extra useless things he bought so many perfumes for Falak she was happy extremely.

Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 - Drama Hum Tv
Shehr e Zaat Drama Episode 10 – Hum Tv

Mai bhikari nahin hoon
Mai ne kabhi kisi se kuch nahi manga

They went to beach she told Salman that he is the only person she love the most .their they saw a begger alone suddenly he start shouting no no they quetiond them that waht are you doing with thismud bowl he said this is my Jannah Falak said Jannah on Earth? he Replied madly that You also made your jannah on Earth. Falak said she is happy with the one she is. They decided to leave the place, suddenly he throw a stone in the small jannat and the mud splash on Falak ,she yelled at him that he ruined her dress Begger argued that dont look at Your dress try to find inner light I am Not Affraid Of the Mud becvause i know my Allah will Accept me with the mud Aswell because Hem is the Only one who donot look on Your Appearence He see Inside You.Falak get angry and after a long argument they left in anger .

Falak get Pregnant and was always Glad to meet her nani her simple nani was simple and Relious and soft heart her nani stayed at Falak’s place.nani hated her hand made sulptureand adviced her to keep that sculpture aside.

Hamza Called her and she was happy to hear hamza’s voice But she Didnt get the sorrow in his voice he Shared that he is Getting married with his cousinand also invited her.

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Please enjoy Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 – Drama Hum Tv.

Shehr e Zaat Episode 10 – Drama Hum Tv

Channel: Hum Tv
Drama: Shehr e Zaat Episode 10
Production: Moomal Production
Writer: Umera Ahmed
Director: Sarmad Sultan Khoosat
Cast: Mahira Khan, Meekal Zulfiqar, Mohib Mirza, Fazila Qaisar, Farooq Zameer, Samina Pirzada and Aliya Imam

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