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Tanhai Episode 3 – Drama Hum Tv

Tanhai Episode 3 – Drama Hum Tv

Tanhai serial drama is one of the best drama of all Pakistani dramas, now you can see that episode 3 on here online, that drama is presented by Hum Tv on every Wednesday, there is very interesting story of that drama, you would be see the last episode which that Gia family have to agreed for the marriage of her, where that relation is done that boy have to belong rich family but Gia want to marriage with Zubair and Gia brother have call to rich family that my sister have not agreed for that marriage and you find out new girl for your son, I am so sorry for that matter and on the other hand Faaiz mother says to him you come from office hurried because some shopping for your fiance and when Zubair and their mother were go to Gia home for her relation but Gia family did not agreed for that relation now you can see that Gia marriage with Faaiz and Faaiz have already married person but he was not saying for Gia family before the marriage and now how to Gia life when she know that Faaiz have already married person, if you touch with us then lahorimela will be provide that all latest information about the new dramas on here online, so please keep visit on this page to get latest updates.

Tanhai Episode 3 - Drama Hum Tv
Tanhai Episode 3 – Drama Hum Tv

Channel: Hum Tv
Drama: Tanhai Episode 3
Written By: Sarwat Nazeer
Directed by: Faheem Burney
Timing: Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm PST
Cast: Sohaye, Goher Mumtaz, Azfar Rehman, Aisha Omer, Saba Hameed, Farha Nadeem, Uzma Akhter, Atif etc.

Tanhai Episode 3 – Drama Hum Tv

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