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LCWU’s 8th Convocation, Position Holders Get Gold Medals

LCWU’s 8th Convocation, Position Holders Get Gold Medals

LCWU’s 8th convocation, position holders get gold medals
LCWU’s 8th convocation, position holders get gold medals

Lahore, Education has become a privilege, not a right of every citizen in Pakistan now days but we should recognize the education right of every citizen because there is no substitute of education, said while addressing at 8th convocation of Lahore College for Women University in university on Tuesday, 26th October 2010.

The Chancellor of varsity honored the degrees to 877 graduate and 14 PhD scholars. He advised the female students to work with males in every field of life for the betterment of Pakistan. He said women participation is very necessary for the country so utilize your knowledge for progress of society.

He further said that we are living in a knowledge based world where education is all about and the real power. He added, the biggest companies of world as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, etc are knowledge based companies. He urged the students to do work like that companies. He said biggest corporations are based no knowledge not on steel.

He said we are facing very shocking and disturbing conditions last few months due to flood and terrorism and he himself see the miserable condition of people in Punjab province. He urged the graduates to look back and do something for flood affected people and do something for them who don’t have opportunities as you have. He further added “now the press has gone off but people have to be rehabilitated”. He urged the media to carry on their role for the flood affected people rehabilitation.
He motivated the LCWU’s students to come forward and do something for the rehabilitation as the students of University of Engineering and technology of Taxila and Lahore are working in different areas to built houses for flood affected. He asked the LCWU Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr Bushra Mateen to send their students for help in affected areas voluntarily.

Governor strongly condemns the attack at the shrine of Baba Farid Ganj Shakar in Pakpatan. He said terrorists want to distract us from our goal and the line which would make us successful.

Governor appreciated the tremendous achievements of varsity in the short time limit with limited resources available.

Some social factors such as bad transport facilities, early marriages, and gender stereotyping and financial problems usually hinder the girl for completion of their higher education, said . He further said varsity encouraged its students to start a career to build stronger and sustainable Pakistan.

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