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School Of Osteopathy Needed In Country

School Of Osteopathy Needed In Country

School of Osteopathy needed in country
School of Osteopathy needed in country

THE Osteopathy is a kind of a panacea for the patients suffering from any kind of diseases, and a school of osteopathy is badly needed in Pakistan in order to make the people aware about its importance.

This was stated by Sylvie Erb, one of the members of a team of Osteopaths visiting the country from Canada and America, while addressing a press conference organised by Imran Khan Foundation on the subject of ‘Osteopathy Without Borders’ on Wednesday. The osteopaths, other than Sylvie, included Jad Khoury, Sarah Morgan Clinton, Brian Anthony Olney and Gagnon Guillaume.

The osteopathy is a method of treatment without using the medicines. It mainly involves the removal of any kind of abnormality within the human body by mechanically activating certain portions of body through hand and mental therapy.

Sylvie said she and her companion doctors had been working in Pakistan since 2005.

She said she had worked in the field and they were also based in Sheikh Zayed Hospital for one day a week. She said as a result of her working experience in the country, she had learnt that Pakistani hospitals, in the urban areas in general and in the rural areas in particular, lacked the doctors, staff and the infrastructure.

She said by the treatment through osteopathy, one doesn’t need to stay in the hospital and he or she will not have to spend any money on medicines.

She said her team had treated a number of patients mainly suffered from accidents and hepatitis.

She talked about a child in a village in Pakistan who was suffering from some acute illness when he was six months old and was not getting recovered from any kind of treatment anywhere in the country. She said she treated her and the child started recovering quickly. She said she just met him on her arrival here in Pakistan in July 2010 and he was a full healthy grown boy of six years now.

Talking to the journalists, Aleema Khan from Imran Khan Foundation said Pakistanis should have trained as well in the field of osteopathy so that we would not always need the doctors from out of Pakistan.

She said for doing so, there should be a school of osteopathy in the country and her foundation was optimistically working on that.

She said media and other members of civil society and even government should have encouraged the people to get admission in the school of osteopathy, as she believed it would be a full fledged discipline in the future all over the world.

She said unlike the world, doctors in Pakistan hailed the treatment through osteopathy very warmly and the doctors in Sheikh Zayed Hospital were letting the team of osteopaths work on weekly basis.

A patient under treatment by the team of osteopaths shared her feelings with the media and said it had worked like a magic on her body.

She said as Sylvie was working on her body in Sheikh Zayed Hospital, it looked her every muscle, which was stiffed before that, got so relaxed and smooth that she had never felt like that by any kind of treatment.

She said her disease just disappeared altogether since she started getting treatment from Sylvie.

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