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Scientific Exhibition To Celebrate Independence Day

Scientific Exhibition To Celebrate Independence Day

 Scientific Exhibition to celebrate Independence Day
Scientific Exhibition to celebrate Independence Day

Lahore: FSc and Matric students presented their scientific models in a scientific exhibition arranged by The Learners College in Shahdara on 8 August 2010 to celebrate the independence of Pakistan.

The Learners College arranges Scientific Exhibition every year in the month of August to celebrate the Independence Day in a scientific manner. In this exhibition the students of The Learners College presented their 57 different scientific models. A great number of visitors visited this exhibition and appreciated the students’ work.

Mian Abdul Haq, Ex senior Headmaster and the chairman of Guild of Old Scouts Punjab, Lahore was the chief guest of exhibition. He appreciated the students who made scientific models and administration of the college who gave students a great opportunity to develop their creativity in the field of science. He further said, I am predicting the future scientists of Pakistan in these models and INSHALLAH these students would prove themselves as great assets of Pakistan. He added, students are very energetic and they made very good models and their presentation and demonstration of their models is very effective. He said the female students’ work is better than the boys’ work.

The Managing Director of The Learners College, Muhammad Anwar Jamal said our youth usually celebrate Independence Day through such activities which have no output. So we decided to celebrate this day in a new manner. We started this scientific exhibition. The purpose of this exhibition is to bring change because in our educational system we didn’t lead our students towards creativity. He further said that our students done a great job which is above our expectations and we are very hopeful to our new generation. He hopefully added our new generation has more energy to change the prevailing system and they would bring a positive change in every field of life.

A student of King Edward Medical University who visited the exhibition said it was a brilliant work of students and there should be more scientific exhibitions like this at university level. She said the scientific models of students are very good they have done a great job. Another visitor said our government should arrange like these exhibitions to promote the scientific research.

Students presented different scientific models as arterial system of human body, DNA structure model, a model of a equipment for measuring direction of wind, electrification of a house model, thermal power generation model, a model of power generator for house, model showing the medical procedure to wash blood, etc. Jury declared model of equipment for measuring direction of wind is best and model for the electrification of house 2nd while arterial system model got 3rd position. Mian Abdul Haq distributed the prizes among students whom models got positions.

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