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University of Education Lahore Admissions 2011 | University of Education Lahore

University of Education Lahore Admissions 2011 | University of Education Lahore

University of Education Lahore Admissions 2011
University of Education Lahore Admissions 2011

University of Education Lahore Admissions 2011 is Open: University of Education Lahore admissions inthe following programs.

University of Education 2011

Advanced Degree Programs

  • PhD Education
  • PhD Urdu
  • MPhil Education Leading to PhD
  • MPhil English Leading to PhD
  • MPhil Mathematics Leading to PhD
  • MPhil Urdu Leading to PhD

6 Semester Programs (with exit after 4 semesters)

Master Level Programs

  • MA English BEd
  • MA History BEd
  • MA Urdu BEd
  • MSc Chemistry BEd
  • MSc Mathematics BEd
  • MSc Phyics BEd

Bachelors Level Programs

  • BA BEd
  • BSc BEd
  • BFA BEd

4 Semester Programs

  • MBA
  • MBA Executive
  • Masters in Educational Leadership and Management Studies (MELMS)
  • MA Education
  • MA English
  • MA History
  • MA Urdu
  • MSc Mathematics
  • MSc IT

2 Semester Programs

  • BEd Elementary
  • BEd Early Childhood Education(ECE)
  • BEd Secondary
  • BEd Special Education
  • MEd
  • MEd Special Education
  • PGD in Educational Leadership and Management Studies (ELMS)

8 Semester Program

  • BEd (Hons)
  • BBA (Hons)
  • BS (Hons) IT

10 Semester Program

  • BS (Hons) Chemistry BEd
  • BS (Hons) Botany BEd
  • BS (Hons) Mathematics BEd
  • BS (Hons) Zoology BEd

Attock Campus

  • MA Engilsh BEd (Morning)
  • MEd (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Elementary (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Earlry Childhood Education(ECE) (Morning)
  • BA BEd (Morning)
  • BSc BEd (Morning)

DG KHAN Campus

  • MEd (Morning/Evening)
  • MSc IT (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Elementary (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Seecondary (Morning/Evening)
  • BA BEd (Morning)
  • BSc BEd (Morning)

Faisalabad Campus

  • MA Urdu BEd (Morning/Evening)
  • MEd (Morning/Evening)
  • MEd Special Education (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Elementary (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Secondary (Morning)
  • BEd Special Education (Morning/Evening)
  • BSc BEd (Morning/Evening)
  • BA BEd (Morning/Evening)

Jauharabad Campus

  • MEd (Evening)
  • MBA (Evening)
  • MA English BEd (Morning)
  • BEd Elementary (Morning\Evening)
  • BA BEd (Morning)
  • BSc BEd (Morning)
  • BBA (Hons) (Morning)

Bank Road Campus, Lahore

  • MA English B.Ed.(Morning/Evening)
  • MA Urdu BEd(Morning/Evening)
  • MA History BEd (Morning)
  • MSc Mathematics BEd(Morning/Evening)
  • MA English (Evening)
  • MA History (Evening)
  • MA Urdu (Evening)
  • MSc Mathematics (Evening)
  • MEd (Morning/Evening)
  • BEd Elementary (Morning/ Evening)
  • BEd Earlry Childhood Education(ECE) (Morning)
  • BEd Secondary (Morning/ Evening)
  • BA BEd (Morning/ Evening)
  • BFA BEd (Morning)
  • BSc BEd (Morning)
  • BEd (Hons) (Morning)
  • BBA (Hons) (Morning/Evening)

Division of Arts and Social Sciences

  • M Phil Urdu Leading to PhD (Evening)
  • M Phil English (Evening)
  • MA English BEd (Morning/Evening)
  • MA Urdu BEd (Morning)
  • MBA(Morning/Evening)
  • MBA (Executive) (Evening)
  • BBA (Hons) (Evening)

Now here you can see the eligibility criteria for admissions in University of Education Lahore


  • Admission shall be made on the basis of open merit in accordance with the criteria laid down for each degree/diploma or a certificate programme.
  • 25% of the merit seats in M.Ed. in each constituent institution/division/college will be filled from amongst the candidates who are graduates of the University.
  • Open merit seats are further divided into following categories:
    • Graduates of Higher Education Commission recognized Universities.
    • One seat in each degree programme is reserved for children/spouse/real brothers or sisters of the University teachers serving or retired (excluding part-time teachers) with a service of not less than 5 years. Admission will be granted in the same order of preference.
    • One seat in each degree programme is reserved for children/spouse/real brothers or sisters of the University employees serving or retired with a service of not less than five years
    • 2% seats are reserved in each degree programme for children of martyrs of the Defence Forces or in the absence of this category children of the serving or retired personnel of the Defence Forces nominated by GHQ Adjutant General Branch.
    • Two seats in each degree programme, out of which one seat is reserved for students from a resident in AJK and one seat from a resident in FATA in all the courses.
    • 1% of the total number of seats in each programme is reserved for disabled persons who have produced certificate of disability from the Social Welfare Board.
    • 3% seats in B.A., B.Sc., B.Ed., and B.S.Ed. are reserved for sportsmen and sportswomen who have excelled in particular sports. The merit will be decided on the basis of the best sports persons of provincial or district standing to be ascertained by the sports committee of the institution/division/college.
    • 2% seats with a minimum of one seat are reserved for the overseas Pakistanis in each program of the University. The application will be received through the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation, within due dates.
    • In case where no application/nomination is received by the due date the said reserved seat will be filled according to the open merit of the concerned programme.

Admission under special quota/reserve seats should fulfill general conditions for admission in the University and must satisfy minimum admission criteria, prescribed for the course.

Admission Procedure

  • Candidates seeking admission shall submit application on the prescribed form, complete in all respects and accompanied by the required certificates and documents and shall undertake to abide by all statutes, regulations, and rules framed and instructions issued by the University from time to time.
  • Applications incomplete in any respect or not supported by the required certificates, documents etc. or received in the concerned institution/division/college after the last date fixed for the submission of applications for admission shall not be entertained.
  • The candidates who are not registered with the University of Education, Lahore shall produce the original migration certificate/NOC (if not already submitted) from their respective University/Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) within 15 days of the commencement of classes, failing which their admission may be cancelled.

Age Regulations

  • For a candidate seeking admission to a Bachelor programme on the basis of S.S.C., the age limit shall be 20 years.
  • For a candidate seeking admission to a Bachelor or equivalent programme on the basis of HSSC, the age limit shall be 22 years.
  • For a candidate seeking admission to a degree program on the basis of B.A./B.Sc., the age limit shall be 24 years.
  • For a candidate seeking admission to B.Ed. on the basis of M.A., M.Sc., the age limit shall be 26 years.
  • For a candidate seeking admission to M.Ed, the age limit shall be 28 years.
  • The age limit shall not apply to the spouse of teachers and other employees of the University and in-service candidates applying for admission to seats reserved for them or evening classes.
  • In real hardship cases, the Vice Chancellor may grant relaxation up to a maximum of one year in age on the recommendation of the Director/Principal of the concerned institution .

General Admission Criteria

  • A student who has been rusticated/expelled or whose entry in any University institution/division/college was banned for any reason whatsoever at any time during his academic career or has been involved in criminal case of moral turpitude, shall not be admitted to any class, provided that the Syndicate may allow admission of such candidates on the recommendations of the Admission Committee concerned.
  • Subject to provisions of these regulations, preference in case of admission shall be given to fresh graduates. However, 5 marks shall be deducted out of total marks obtained in the minimum certification SSC, HSC, B.A., B.Sc. or other basic certificates, degrees or equivalent examination for each year lost after their passing such examinations. Provided that this regulation shall not apply to the applicants seeking admission against the seats reserved for in-service candidates.
  • No candidate shall be admitted in more than one degree programme including a full time diploma course in the University institution/division/college nor a student who is on the rolls of any college/department of any other university, shall be admitted to an academic programme.
  • The student whose name was dropped or struck off from a University institution/division/college due to the shortage of lectures/training sessions or non-payment of dues or poor performance or non-appearance in examination etc., shall not be admitted in any institution/division/college of this University.
  • A candidate who is to appear or has appeared in any Master/Postgraduate diploma/Degree examination of the University or any other university and the results thereof, are awaited on the last date fixed for submission of application for admission, shall also not be eligible for admission in any degree programme of the University.

Merit List

  • Merit lists will be prepared on the basis of the following formula assuming total marks in:
    • SSC are 850 B.A./B.Sc. are 800
    • HSC are1100 M.A./M.Sc. are 1200
    • For (10+Programmes) Marks in SSC (850) Minus (Year wise deduction)=Total
      For (12+Programmes) Marks in SSC (850) Plus HSC (1100) Minus (Year wise deduction) after last examination=Total
    • For (14+Programmes) Marks in SSC (850) Plus HSC (1100) Plus B.A./B.Sc. (800) Minus (Year wise deduction)=Total
    • For (16+Programmes) Marks in B.A./B.Sc./BCS (800) Plus Marks in M.A./M.Sc./MCS (1200) Minus (Year wise deduction)=Total
    • The candidates with third division in the last required examination will not be considered for admission.
    • For B.Ed. programme the preference will be given to M.Sc., or M.A. (second division) in school subjects.
    • In special circumstances, test can be scheduled after the permission from the Vice-Chancellor.
  • At most, three admission/college merit lists shall be prepared and notified by the head of the concerned institution/division/college. If admission process is not completed in the first merit list, the 2nd merit list will be notified and so on.
  • The head of the institution/division/college concerned may reconsider in the 3rd list, a candidate of 1st and 2nd list who were unable to pay dues within the stipulated period, for admission in 3rd list if a seat is available in 3rd list. The Vice Chancellor may allow the admission of the candidates who were offered admission in 1st, 2nd or 3rd list but were unable to pay the dues/fee in stipulated period after the admission is closed and seats are still available. Such a request for admission in this regard shall be routed through the respective Directors/Principals/Admission Committee within two weeks of the notification of the 3rd merit list.
  • Under special circumstances, the Vice-Chancellor may allow 4th merit list for admission into a degree programme.
  • The University reserves the right to cancel the admission of a student at any time who is found to have obtained his/her admission by making any false statement or concealing a material fact, as well as, whose admission is found to be in violation of admission regulations.
  • The Principal of a college/Director of a divisions concerned is authorized to cancel admission of any such student.
  • The student may within seven days of the cancellation order under clauses 7.5 and 8.1 below, appeal to the Admission Committee/Vice-Chancellor after depositing Rs. 600/. In exceptional circumstances a special appeal after depositing a fee of Rs. 2000/- may be submitted to the Syndicate whose decision shall be final.
  • The University reserves the right to rectify any typographical or clerical mistake at any time in the admission lists etc without incurring any liability. The head of institution/division/college concerned shall be authorized to take such action.
  • The grades may be tabulated in terms of marks or vice-versa.
  • The merit of any applicant who has passed an examination other than the appropriate examination or if the total marks/grades are different from total marks/grades prescribed in the University, shall be determined by making a proportionate conversion of his/her marks/grades obtained in such examination to the total marks/grades equivalent to one prescribed by the University.
  • Where there is more than one applicant at the bottom end of the merit list or in case of tie among applicants, all the applicants will be accommodated and the seats in that program will be enhanced accordingly.
  • Lists of students selected for admission or placed on waiting list shall be prepared by the respective Admission Committee in accordance with the prescribed proforma and be submitted to the head of institution/division/college concerned for approval prior to notification.
Name of students


Date on which Fees & Dues depositeD




  • A copy of each merit list shall be communicated to the University Admission Committee/Deputy Director (Registration): -The consolidated list of all admitted students on the Performa shall be sent to the Admission Committee and Director (Administration & Finance) in the manner given below within 15 days.
  • The selected candidates will be required to pay their fees and dues according to the schedule, failing which their admission shall stand cancelled. Any change in fee schedule will be notified with the approval of the Vice Chancellor.
    Any fee once paid shall not be reimbursed to any student whether or not he/she joins the classes.
  • Except for the first general advertisement inviting applications for admission to degree courses, which shall be advertised through newspapers; all other notices and matters relating to the admission and calls for filling up of any unfilled or vacant seat shall only be notified on notice board of the institution/division/college concerned. It shall be the entire responsibility of the candidate to remain in touch with the constituent institutions/division/colleges concerned regarding all such matters.
  • All difficulties and hardships connected with or pertaining to admission shall be resolved by the University Admission Committee to be constituted by the Vice-Chancellor whose decision shall be final. The University Admission Committee shall have powers to issue directions to the institution/division/college concerned, as it may deem fit and proper, regarding the implementation of these regulations.

Re-Admission Regulation

  • Student who fails to attend at least 50% of lectures in theory or training sessions/ practical/seminars in each course during a calendar month, except for valid reasons to be determined by the head of institution concerned, will be struck off the rolls of the institution/division/college. The head of institution/division/college concerned may re­-admit such a student if he/she applies within seven working days after the date his/her name was struck off the rolls if satisfied that his/her absence from the class was for reasons beyond his/her control and if he/she undertakes to be regular in future.
    The Vice-Chancellor, on the recommendations of the head of institution/division/college may re-admit a student whose admission has been cancelled due to prolonged absence and who has applied for readmission within 30 days of the cancellation of his/her admission on the ground of ill health only.
  • In case of cancellation of admission of any student under regulations 7.5 and 8.1 the fees/dues deposited by him shall not be refunded in any circumstances.
  • The students who are allowed re-admission on the basis of application within 7 days and 30 days will have to pay re-admission fee of Rs. 500/- and Rs. 800/-respectively. Such students may be given only one chance of re-admission to the class on payment of ¡®prescribed fee¡¯.
  • A student without attendance of 75% of total number of lectures/training sessions delivered to the class in all papers taken together (aggregate) and 75% of the practical in all papers taken together (aggregate) shall not be allowed to take the University Qualifying Examination. Provided that the Vice-Chancellor may, on special grounds, condon up to another 5% of the total number of lectures/training sessions and practical taken separately. A student shall also adhere to the attendance regulations approved for each degree course for the purpose of continuous/internal assessment.
  • Once admitted, a student shall not indulge in politics failing which his admission shall be withdrawn. He/She shall not bring or keep any type of weapons within the University premises, shall not hold a gathering or meeting or take out procession in any part of the University institutions/divisions/colleges, shall not allow or abet the entry to the premises of the University expelled students, anti-social elements or other person whose presence on the campus could cause conflict amongst the students. He/She shall never indulge in any kind of unfair means, malpractice in examination, and coercion, anything which cause injury or insult to head of the institution, teachers, officers and other staff of the institution, damaging any University property, including building, equipment, vehicles etc., in any manner.



  • Migration may be allowed by the Vice Chancellor on the recommendations by the head of the concerned institutions/divisions/colleges on receiving the completed migration form and the requisite fee.
  • Migration will be allowed only before the end of the first semester/term of the degree programme provided that the courses already read are not in variance with those of the institutions/divisions/colleges where migration is sought.
  • Candidates of evening session will only be allowed migration subject to the payment of the total fee to the concerned institution/divisions/college as re-admission fee.
  • No candidate will be allowed migration to the other institution/divisions/college if his/her admission merit falls below the admission merit of the institution/divisions/college where migration is sought.

Hostel Admission

  • All University dues including hostel charges must be paid on or before the dates notified for the purpose. Any delay in payment of dues may render the names of defaulters liable to be struck off the rolls of the institution/division/college.
  • The students needing hostel accommodation must deposit fees and dues for one-year along with the University fee & dues at the time of admission in the University. In case, the University cannot provide hostel accommodation for any reason, the hostel fees and dues shall be refunded.
  • Students admitted in the evening classes are not entitled for hostel accommodation. However, in exceptional circumstances, the Vice Chancellor may allow hostel admission to a student admitted to evening classes of degree programme of special nature.

Payment Fee

The student of any year of a programme should deposit all university as well as hostel fee and any other dues as notified from the College/Divisions/University by the given date. If student fails to deposit fees and dues by the given date Rs. 200/- shall be charged for a period of 30 days after the expiry of due date. Thereafter, admission shall stand cancelled.

Now the important dates for students those who wants to get admission in University of Education

NEW Admission


Admission Schedule

Admission Aspects
Intermediate and Degree Based Programs 2009
Day Date
Applications forms available at the respective Campus/Division Monday August 16, 2010
Last Date for submission of applications Friday September 3, 2010
Display of the first merti list Tuseday September 8, 2010
Last date for deposit dues Monday September 13, 2010
Display of second merit list Wedneday September 15, 2010
Last date of deposit dues Monday September 20, 2010
Display of third merit list Wednesday September 22, 2010
Last date for deposit of dues Monday September 27, 2010
Commencement of Classes Monday October 1, 2010

How to Apply

  • Admission Forms can be obtained from UE Campuses or designated branches of The Bank of Punjab
  • Admission Forms completed in all respect must be submitted in the relevant UE Campuses or The Bank of Punjab
  • For further information visit UE website: www.ue.edu.pk or contact Registrar UE Lahore Ph: 042-35216530
  • Click Here for Programs offerd for admission in Fall Admissions 2010


Here you can see all the updates of University of Education Lahore. Here you read the advertisement of admissions in University of Education (UE).


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