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University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Entry Test Preparation Guidelines

University of Engineering and Technology (UET) Entry Test Preparation Guidelines

List Of Universities In Lahore
List Of Universities In Lahore

UET Entry Test Preparation: Here we are giving you the full tips and complete guidelines about the UET entry test  preparation well as we know that there are many Entry tests which students take to seek admission in Engineering colleges like NUST Entry test, GIKI Entry test, FAST Entry test, PIEAS Entry test, UET Entry test etc. In all of these Entry tests UET entry test is the easiest one, all you have to do is to follow the proper guidelines. Many of the good students cannot get good scores because they do not know how to prepare and attempt the Entry test.

Let me tell you something about the UET Entry test until 2011 the UET Entry test is simple and was not much conceptual, there were no dodging numerical (dodging means it is not easy to guess the right answer because they all look appropriate to be the answer and you get confuse) just the simple statements which were given in the textbooks and the good student in those times can score 350 to 380 marks while an average student can obtain 260 to 350 marks. But after 2007th Entry test this trend was totally changed and the UET Entry test become conceptual and dodging but not difficult, you can see this trend if you can access the graphs or stats of UET entry tests by Year. Now a good student can score about 250 to 350 marks and an average one can score about 200 to 520 marks. You can also see this in this graph.
UET Entry Test
Now what you can do is to follow some proper guidelines to know how to prepare for your Entry test and how to attempt it properly.

1. First of all divide time for each subject like if you have 30 days for the preparation you can give 6 days to each subject (Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and English).
2. Now you have to understand all the concepts which are given in your textbooks, you can do this by reading each line of textbooks and understand it, try to concentrate on the concept. If you done this you have covered 70% of your preparation. If you are not good at your memory do this step chapter wise complete one chapter and jump to the second step and after that come back to this step but keep in mind that you have to give equal time to all the chapters.
3. Do not bother about different entry test preparation books and objective type book first and do not jump directly to these books until you complete your second step once you completed the second step take some objective type book and practice the MCQs and check yourself, if you forget something you can look into your textbook. Students doing the second step chapter wise also do this step chapter wise but again keep an eye on watch and give equal time to each chapter.
4. Complete your preparation of every subject like above and in the end revise all subjects in the remaining days and keep practicing some sort of objective books. Be good and accurate at calculations.

Now on the test day you should follow these guidelines.

1. Divide time equally to attempt all the subjects. There are 30 MCQs of Physics, 30 of Chemistry, 30 of Mathematics and 10 MCQs of English. There are 4 marks of each correct MCQ and –1(negative) mark for wrong answer.
2. Concentrate on the questions and do not get confused.
3. First of all attempt those MCQs which you can fully understand and know their answers. Skip those in which you are confused and could not get to the answers.
4. Once you done all those MCQs which you fully understand, come to the pending ones and concentrate on them, attempt them carefully. You can also leave the MCQs if you want because wrong answer has negative mark.
5. In my opinion you should not leave MCQs because for example if you have 4 MCQS undone and if you attempt three of them wrong and attempt one of them correct by chance you can null the effect of those there wrong answers and if you correct two MCQs by chance you can get marks which is better than having no marks. So do this, in the situation where you think that you can correct at least one MCQ out of four.

Relax and pray for your Success Allah can do everything and keep firm believe on Allah. Keep one thing mind if you work hard Allah always bore fruit of your effort. Now UET entry test Is on your head so work hard for it.

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  1. sir plz mujy bta dy k is br softwear engneering ka merit ktna ho skta hy???

  2. sir plz mujy bta dy k softwear engineering ka merit kitna ho skta hy???

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    proud to be a uetian:)

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  14. Muhammad Hamza Ehsan

    Arzoo Tamna Khuaish Will Hai U.E.T. main jane ki per kya karoon masaan mer ke 60% marks aane ka andesha hai. Maghar U.E.T KA ENTRY TEST 70_80% mangta hai. Hamare jaise pendoo logoon ki wahaan jane ki tamna re jati hai. Agr aap ne yeh msg parra hai toh hum 60% wallon ke liye bhi kuch ki jiye kuch marrid kum ki jiye.Yeh hamari dua hai umeed hai qabool hogi aur hum 60% walley bhi U.E.T. main qable qabool ho gein. @ AMEEN.$

    • bhai jee itne tense kyun hote o.. brey brey log dekhe hn, 80% le k b reh jate hn,, ap apna aim change kr lo.. boys k liye to wese b bht scope hota h..

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