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Friendship Quotes

Friendship Quotes
Great collection of friendship quotes, design by Punjabi and he create this friendship quotes by himself. Friendship quotes are always lovely and deeply friendship quotes.

Friendship Quotes
Friendship Quotes

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  1. friend are the part of our life.I like the quotes.
    good job

  2. this is very good

  3. We all take different paths in life but no matter where we go,we take a little of each other where we go.

  4. Mudasarhussain23

    A Friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of Nature.”

  5. Sounds goo :victory:

    It seems to be very nice…….

  6. friend quotes is the reality of friend

  7. superb :victory:

  8. oye hoye kaya bt hai :tusi-gr8-ho:

  9. nyshh qoutex!!! :smile: :smile:

  10. oye hoye … chak te fatte veer ji :tusi-gr8-ho:

  11. hello :hanje: :hanje:

  12. A friend loves at all times." lov ya my best frendz :smile:

  13. The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend:)lodda lov ma best frendss kanna,kalsii,nida,komal n bukhtu:) :peepni:

  14. great yaar!!!!! :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa:

  15. gud qoute thiz iz true

  16. friend is a great gift and i love my friend Aasia.

  17. Yashodha............

    I like the quotes very much……… Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. accha :dand-kad:

  19. Mere aik boht acchay dost ne mujhy yah diyay hian… :taliyan: aur yah post main  usi ko dedicate karta ho…. :tusi-gr8-ho:

  20. nice

    kahan se chori kiye :dand-kad:

  21. awesome work punjabiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  22. Great Yaar :haaasaaa:


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