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Lovely Friendship Story

Lovely Friendship Story..

This is awesome.

Just spend a minute reading it.

(Avoid reading if you are weak at heart…)

Lovely Friendship Story
Lovely Friendship Story
On their way back from School Zardari started talking:
Zardari :   Bro! I am moving to a different city to study. I will miss you man.
Nazwaz Sharif:   I will miss you too Zardarii. But nothing can break our friendship. We will at least meet once every year.
Zardari:   Yes that is a deal . They parted with tears in their eyes…
As time went by, both got busy with their work life. They kept their promise for two years and after that they moved on with their own lives and in the process Zardari lost his contact with Nazwaz Sharif. Time went by and both became Police Officers.
Year:  2010
Venue:  The Police station where Zardari works.
Tring… Tring…
Zardari picks up the call and he gets a pleasant surprise…
“Is this Zardari ?”
“Yes. Who is on the line?”
” Bro. Its Nazwaz Sharif! I just found out that you are posted in this station”
Tear drops welled up Zardari eyes
Zardari:   Where are you?
Nazwaz Sharif: I am standing outside the Police station. Come Out
Zardari:   Is it? I am coming right away.
Zardari rushed out of the Police station and saw Nazwaz Sharif standing outside. They were seeing each other for the first time after thirty years. He wanted to go and hug his friend. But he could not hug him.
Indeed, It was a very touching moment for both of them :

Lovely Friendship Story

Have you ever seen a touching moment like this?

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