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Meera Finds New Boyfriend Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed

Meera Finds New Boyfriend  Dr. Asad After Captain Naveed

Meera Finds New BoyfriendLollywood actress’s love-life takes a new twist, Meera finds new love! If her husband Captain Naveed cheated on her back and enjoyed an ‘affair’ with a Bangladeshi woman; Meera is also said to be developing and enjoying a relationship afresh. The newest man in Meera’s life is introduced as Asad, an American-Pakistani Doctor, reports PopBluster. It was not very long ago when Pakistani controversial actress had tied knots with Captain Naveed but now we hear that their marriage is on the stake since Meera is following her hubby’s footsteps, and; is allegedly taking serious interest in another man. Now whether it was Captain’s ‘betrayal’ or some other personal reason behind a series of quarrels taking place between the couple very recently; Meera seems to be ‘through’ with Naveed.

It is being speculated that Doctor Asad ‘knocked’ at Meera’s heart while she visited the USA recently, for the purpose of collection donation, for the construction of her proposed hospital. Asad not only made a lucrative donation of $25,000 but he reportedly started ‘seeing her frequently’ afterwards. Further, it was Mr. Asad, who arranged for Meera’s air ticket and the entire trip to the US. As expected, Meera is trying to ‘deny’ the allegations by addressing them as mere ‘rumors’ while she also claims that this whole propaganda ‘aims’ on mentally disturbing her and refraining her from her hospital project. For more please visit our website LahoriMela.com 

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