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Mehar Bukhari Lesbian Kiss Scandal Video Exposed

Mehar Bukhari is a very famous TV host, anchor and journalist, and she is currently working with Duniya News. Few months ago She has been married to another famous journalist and host and anchor Kashif Abbasi. Both of these are living a very happy life and also working very brilliantly as news anchor.

Mehar Bukhari has been surrounded with many major Scandals for the past couple of years. Mehar Bukhari’s first scandal was her interview with Malik Riaz was a very big issue and Rana Muhammad Kashif was the brave Pakistani behind Duniya TV leaked video. Then there was another scandal of Mehar Bukhar take place and this scandal was also take plece with Malik Riaz once again. In this scandal she was in the list of those 19 Pakistani journalists who take bribe from Malik Riaz. There were documents shown in media in which the amounts and plots given from Bahria Town to journalists by the owner Malik Riaz.

Now recently a video exposed on social media in which shown that Mehar Bukhari Kissing another girl. After viewing the video it is hard to deny it is hard to deny that she is not Mehar Muhari, or may she is another girl and she has too much resemblance to Mehar Bukhari that it seems that it is real. Watch the video and comment below. For more Please visit our Website LAHORIMELA.

Mehar Bukhari Lesbian Kiss Scandal Video Exposed

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