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Student Interview For Visa


Student Interview for Visa
That was a funny clip but here we suggest you not do like this… In pakistan you know nothing left for us to stay here but our hearts are pure pakistani we go other countries only for earn some money and provide every thing which is needed at home or what our family wants .. here you can watch the video clip and enjoy it Pakistani student funny interview for visa. must to watch. funny Pakistani urdu Punjabi and English comedy clip….

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  1. Bakwas hai yaar… chawlein he mari hain.. or kuch nahi … :blah:

  2. oh my god absolutely hilarious! they make me laugh! :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa:

  3. :haaasaaa:

  4. :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: oh my god its so funny n typical! im still laughing! lol well done!:haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa: :haaasaaa:

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