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Veena Malik Celebrate Her 30th Happy Birthday

Veena Malik Celebrate Her 30th Happy Birthday

Veena Malik Celebrate Her 30th Happy BirthdayVeena Malik who known as controversy queen, celebrated her 30th birthday today. Veena Malik born on 26th February, 1984 as Zahika Malik, in Lahore, Pakistan, to a doctor working at an army medical hospital. The family soon settled in Rawalpindi after the child was born. Her grandmother named her Zahida but the parents insisted on keeping Veena as the girl’s first name. Father of Veena had very busy schedule so he led her grandmother to become her guardian from the time she was six years and nurtured her until her teens when she died. According to biography of Veena Malik which is given by Wikipedia its 30th birthday of Veena Malik today.

This is Veena’s first birthday after she gets ma marriage with Assad Bashir Khan Khattak who is Dubai based businessman. Veena Malik was garish, loud, over the top but suddenly now transformed into a shy and subservient wife after her marriage to Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. It seems very strange that how such type of girl can be suddenly turn herself like that.Veena Malik Pakistani bombshell showed her soft side at her wedding ceremony in Dubai and left us shocked by other face of subservient wife.

Veena Malik played the raunchy, garishly-dressed and desperate for attention of media, she played various bold characters in the Bollywood film industry, she had some nude photo shoots in India because of whom she was banned for short time in Pakistan.  Now she is suddenly trying to discover her classy side after getting married to Dubai based businessman Asad Bashir Khan Khattak. We can just say that Veena has various moods to surprise media. For more please visit our website LahoriMela.com

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