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Yo Yo Honey Singh got an Accident – Alive or Dead?

Yo Yo Honey Singh got an Accident – Alive or Dead? Its answer very tough because Honey Singh is very serious condition, he played raced with Gippy Grewal, they both are very interesting singers for the audience of the India and also Pakistan. By Subhash K. Jha, Mumai, 9th April, 2013. Rapper stage in front of a crowd of over 20,000 fans in Dubai at a Holi concert last week. Apparently, a section of the fans couldn’t control their excitement and jumped on to the stage to creat a ruckus.

The singer however said that he wasn’t ready to completely focus on making Bollywood music. “I find making Bollywood music very difficult since it is based on a character or a story. I travel, make music and handover my creation to a filmmaker…and somehow, they get picked up,” he said.
What few people know is the unique style by which Yo Yo finalizes his tracks before recording them. The singer bundles his friends into a car, and makes them listen to the songs on a drive! “I’ve never hung out with too many people from the industry. All my friends are from the streets, be it Mumbai, Delhi or Punjab. They don’t care how big I am. So if my song works for them in the streets, I send it for recording. Otherwise, they get scrapped.”

Yo Yo Honey Singh got an Accident – Alive or Dead?

Yo Yo Honey SinghWhile Honey Singh dismisses the incident as a part of a day’s work, an eyewitness at the concert said “The crowd got out of hand. We don’t whether it was the festive Holi mood or just a more aggressive audience than usual. But about a 100 to 150 members of the audience just jumped on to the stage and they wouldn’t leave despite our repeated requests”.
It took all of Singh’s persuasive powers to get the clamorous fans off the stage.
Honey brushed off the incident saying: “I have some Caucasian female fans in Dubai who come for all my concerts. They get very charged. They were there with their friends. And they got a little over-excited. It was just audience ka pyaar (audience’s love).

“They were there to have fun, not to sit quietly with their arms and legs folded.”
He says given his peppy numbers, his fans always end up dancing to his tunes. They don’t come to his concerts to sit on sofas and chairs.
“When I go to smaller towns to perform, and I see the elaborate sofas and chairs for the audience, I’ve to patiently explain to them that my fans can’t sit still and watch me perform. My concerts are very participative.

“Audiences at Indian concerts are not used to participating in stage performances. They are tutored to stay in their seats. In my concerts, everyone is on their feet, singing and dancing, being part of my performance,” he said.

However, one hears that post the incident in Dubai, his security has been beefed up.

At least six extra bouncers have been hired to prevent over-zealous audiences from getting too close to the rapper.
Honey Singh also known as Yo Yo Honey Singh is still alive, many of the lovers says that he is alive ans other people says that he had been died. All the fans of the Honey Singh tells that Yo Yo Honey Singh got an Accident – Alive or Dead?

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Yo Yo Honey Singh Dead News In Urdu

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  1. yo yo mar gya ha ya zinda ha

  2. Yaar ye honey k sath acha nhi Ho raha Jo b ye Saab kar raha ha wo bachye ga nhi honey is a good singer/Rapper I think ye honeyy ha Jo inha bardasht kar raha ha….

  3. M usman kandhro

    Yar gunehgar to her koi hai kya pata kya khabar zindgi men koi a c ek neki kì ho jiski wajha se allah pak usk sare guneh maf kar dein q k allah pak raham karne wala.. Plzz galt na kahain

  4. Hum jante hai k yo yo ne sirf ek song galat gaya hai jis me gali hai par ye mat bhulo k aap R main din me 100 gali dete hain.so yo yo is a good rapper is ko kaffir mat kaho aur galat comment mat karo.Allah bless U ME and YO YO.say YO YO HONEY SINGH………….

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