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Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally
Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally: Christmas is an occasion that comes once in a year. Everybody invites their dears on Christmas parties. Even some people meets only once in a year on Christmas. It’s the biggest day of the year. Here we are going to guide you how to Decorate a Christmas Tree Professionally.

Designing a Christmas tree is actually showing your true designing capabilities to your friends and family. We are going to give you step by step advises on how to Decorate A Christmas Tree Professionally

Step 1: The very first thing is that you have to decide the overall color scheme for your Christmas tree. You can choose any color scheme of your choice but all gold, red & gold, red & silver, pink & white, aqua and turquoise are mostly selected by the renowned Christmas tree designers. You can also choose from non traditional color schemes like bronze, peacock blue, plum, sage green, navy to give your Christmas tree a unique look.
Step 2: Decide a theme for your Christmas Tree like angel, shoes, snowflakes, bright day, etc

Step 3: Write down the list of ornaments, garland, feathers, florals, ribbon, beads, and any other designer items that are in your color scheme.

Step 4: Shop for the required Items. Make sure that the sizes and quantity of the items are according to your requirements. Try to but multi-pack Christmas ornaments that will save your pocket.

Step 5: Lights are most important part of a Christmas Tree. You can use either clear or white lights. Quantity of lights should be 100 to 120 lights per feet. If you are building a 5 feet tree, 500+ lights are suggested.

Step 6: Decorate the Christmas Tree with the bought ornaments. Make sure that ornaments are placed evenly on the entire tree.

Step 7: Putting family photos, hand-made drawings especially from kids drawing books gives a touchy look to the Christmas tree.

Step 8: Tree topper can be traditional star, Santa, a fancy designer bow, an angel, or anything else that will top off your tree. Don’t forget to place it.

Step 9: Christmas Tree is ready to impress your Friends and Family

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