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Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012

Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012

Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012
Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012

Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012: Republic Day of India is celebrated every year on 26 of Jaunary in India. This day is celebrated as this day the Constitution of India came into action replacing the Government of India Act 1935 as the governing document of India on 26 January 1950. We have brought you Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012.

Honor of the memory of declaration of independence of 1930 happened this day and thats why the 26 January is chosen as celebration for Indian people. Republic Day Parade is the most memorable event of the day that arises the true patriotism from the insides of the people of India. This day is the National Holiday for India. The parade is taken placed in the capital city of India, New Delhi at the Rajpeth before President of India. The anniversary is also celebrated in the different capitals of Indian States and other important cities.

The Republic Day celebrations of India on 26 January has become the famous all around the world as it draws milions of viewers from all around the world including the Indians not residing in India. Being one of the biggest democratic in the world, Replublic Day is such a wealth of tribal traditions and cultures, with splendid forms and cultural dances and dresses. And, no other country in the world can parade so many ethnically different people in splendid uniforms, all united in their proven loyalty to the Government elected by the people and in their proud traditions and legendary gallantry.


Republic Day Sms, Quotes, Scraps 2012

Republic Day Quote

dont love any other prsn….i jst love my self bcoz only i m a one prsn, who can urstnd me completely….so enjoy ur single lyf


Republic Day SMS

Namukku vendi jeevan kalanja raktha sakshikal.. Avarkku vendi namukku onnichu anicheram…nammal indiakkar enna ota vikaaravum.oramma peta makkal enna ore manasumayi….

Jay india


Republic Day Scrap

Lets take decision,

To value our nation,

Shall not forget those sacrifices

Who gave us the freedom..

Now its our turn

To have a reformation..

Happy Independence Day


Republic Day SMS



¤Punjab for Fighting,

¤Bengal for Writing,

¤Rajastan for History,

¤Maharasht ra for Victory,

¤Karnataka for Silk,

¤Haryana for Milk,

¤Kerala for Nature,

¤UP for Grain,

¤HP for Apple,

¤Orissa for Temple,

¤MP for Tribals,

¤AP for Music,

¤TamilNadu for CULTURE.

Proud to be an INDIAN.

Long live INDIA

Incredible INDIA!!!

Chakde INDIA!!!

Advance InDePenDeN cE

Day Wishes

….Jai Hind…@


Republic Day Quote

Adhyamay pranayam enthu ennu avan anik paranju thannu.avan orikalum ennod navu kondu samsarichitilla.avante kannukal anu ennod samsari chirunnathu.ante agathathayilekk anu avan vannathu.nirgalum swapnaglum illatha ante manasilekk orupad swapnavum , mohagalum agrahagalu m avan nalkki.oduvil vidhi ennil ninnum avane akatty…..ennalum ennum njan snehikunnu avane……..


Republic Day Scrap

tintumon in a shop : he asked the shopkeeper (indian flag undo?)
shopkeeper replied : undallooo!
he gaved th e indian flag !!!!
then tintu mon asked : annna vere coilour ille?


Republic Day SMS

“Thettukalkku nere viral choondunathu dikkaramengil njangal orukootam dikkarikalude pinmurakkaranu…:” –CHEGUVERA


Republic Day Quote

India leads in corruption
And rich make all exploitation
We reach upto great height
Where the innocents have to fight
The sensible are made ash
While the devils play with cash.


Republic Day Scrap

28 States,
7 Union Territories
1600 Languages,
6300 Castes,
seven religions,
Six ethnic groups,
30 major festivals
One Country!
Be proud 2 b an Indian!
Great Republic.
Happy Republic Day!!


Republic Day SMS

Lets us remember and salute the noble cause,
It is our nation which is shining high,
It is our Republic Day today.
Do not forget the effort,
make it a movement of masses


Republic Day Quote

How long should we sleep on a Republic Day?
Isn’t these so many years enough?
We do not look forward to 26th January as our Republic day. But only as a day, we could sleep till late.
Common, get up India. rise and shine.


Republic Day SMS

Agar aapko tairna hei to smundar mein tairo, nadi ya naalo mein kya rakha hei? Agar pyar karna hei to watan se karo, en bewafa ladkiyo mein kya rakha hei. JAI HIND Happy republic day.

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