Petrol Price in Pakistan

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Petroleum is an essential commodity that plays a vital role in the daily lives of people in Pakistan. The term petroleum originates from the fusion of the Greek words “petra,” meaning rock, and “oleum,” meaning oil. Petrol is used as fuel to power vehicles, generators, and other machinery. The price of petrol in Pakistan is primarily determined by international crude oil prices.

Last Updated: March 16, 2023
Price Increase
Price Decrease
petrol (Rs/l)
272 +5
petrol (Rs/l)
272 +5
petrol (Rs/l)
272 +5
petrol (Rs/l)
272 +5

List For Fuel / Petrol Price in Pakistan

Petrol Rs. 267 Rs. 272 +5
HSD (High Speed Diesel) Rs. 280 Rs. 293 +13
LDO (Light Diesel Oil) Rs. 184.68 Rs. 184.68 +0
SKO (Superior Kerosene Oil) Rs. 187.73 Rs. 190.29 +2
JP-1 (Jet Propellant) Rs. 203.8 Rs. 231.56 +27
HOBC (High Octane Blending Component) Rs. 298.88 Rs. 298.88 +0

Petrol price in Pakistan

Petrol price in Pakistan today 2023, is a topic of great interest and concern for the citizens of Pakistan. The price of petrol has a significant impact on the economy, as it affects the prices of various goods and services, including transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. In recent years, petrol prices in Pakistan have been fluctuating due to various factors, such as global crude oil prices, currency exchange rates, and government policies.

The government of Pakistan regulates the petrol prices in the country, and it often faces criticism from the public for its policies. The prices of petrol and other petroleum products are revised on a fortnightly basis based on the international market prices and the exchange rate of the US dollar. The current petrol price in Pakistan today 2023, is subject to change due to the volatility of the international crude oil market.

The increase or decrease in petrol prices in Pakistan has a direct impact on the budget of the common man, as it affects the prices of essential commodities, including food items and transport fares. The government’s policies regarding petrol prices play a crucial role in controlling inflation and ensuring economic stability in the country.

In conclusion, petrol prices in Pakistan today 2023, continue to be a significant concern for the citizens and the government. It is important for the government to adopt sustainable policies to regulate petrol prices, keeping in view the impact on the economy and the public. The government must work towards ensuring stability and predictability in petrol prices to promote economic growth and improve the lives of the citizens.

Crude oil is a globally traded commodity, and any fluctuations in the global market have a direct impact on the price of petrol in Pakistan. When crude oil prices rise, the cost of producing petrol increases, which leads to a corresponding increase in the retail price of petrol.

Apart from global crude oil prices, taxes, and government policies also affect the price of petrol in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan imposes various taxes and duties on petrol, which account for a significant portion of the final retail price. These taxes and duties are subject to change depending on the government’s budget and economic policies.

The prices of petrol in Pakistan are also affected by the exchange rate of the Pakistani Rupee. Pakistan imports most of its crude oil, and any depreciation in the value of the Pakistani Rupee against the US Dollar leads to an increase in the cost of importing crude oil. This, in turn, leads to a corresponding increase in the retail price of petrol.

The current prices of petroleum products in Pakistan, as of today, are as follows: Premium petrol is priced at Rs. 272 per liter, High-speed diesel costs Rs. 280 per liter, Light-speed diesel is priced at Rs. 196.68 per liter, and Kerosene oil is priced at Rs. 202.73 per liter, High Octane Blending Component is priced at Rs.302.88 per liter. It is worth noting that the Government of Pakistan revises the petrol prices twice a month in line with its policies.