Prize Bond Check Online List All Draws 2024

What is Prize Bond?

A Prize bond is a security created by the Central Directorate of the National Savings Government of Pakistan to offer incentives to citizens of the country for the successful completion of various tasks or initiatives. The number of prize bonds issued in multiple price ranges such as Rs. 100, Rs. 200, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15000, Rs. 25000, Rs. 40000, Rs. 40000 Premium.

Prize bonds in Pakistan have been gaining popularity as a secure and rewarding investment opportunity. It’s no wonder that some of the top Google searches related to prize bonds include the prize bond schedule, list, and result, as well as guess papers and formulas to increase the chances of winning. Checking prize bond results is also a common search, along with powerful search tools and checkers available online. Prize bond draws are eagerly awaited by investors, who can find the latest information on the net. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a novice, prize bonds are worth considering for their potential to offer exciting rewards for your accomplishments.

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Prize Bonds Denomination List

Amount 1st Prize Prizes 2nd Prize Prizes 3rd Prize Prizes
Rs. 100 700,000 1 200,000 3 1000 1199
Rs. 200 750,000 1 250,000 5 1250 2394
Rs. 750 15,00,000 1 500,000 3 9300 1696
Rs. 1500 3,000,000 1 1,000,000 3 18,500 1696
Rs. 7500 15,000,000 1 5,000,000 3 93,000 1696
Rs. 15000 30,000,000 1 10,000,000 3 185,000 1696
Rs. 25,000 50,000,000 1 15,000,000 3 312,000 1696
Rs. 25,000 Premium 30,000,000 2 10,000,000 5 300,000 700
Rs. 40,000 75,000,000 1 25,000,000 3 500,000 1696
Rs. 40,000 Premium 80,000,000 1 30,000,000 3 500,000 660

Latest Prize Bond Draws

Prize Bond Rs. 100
15th Feb 2024
1st Prize of Rs. 700,000
Prize Bond Rs. 200
15th Dec 2023
1st Prize of Rs. 750,000
Prize Bond Rs. 750
15th Jan 2024
1st Prize of Rs. 1,500,000
Prize Bond Rs. 1500
15th Feb 2024
1st Prize of Rs. 3,000,000
Prize Bond Rs. 25000 Premium
11th Dec 2023
1st Prize of Rs. 30,000,000
Prize Bond Rs. 40000 Premium
11th Dec 2023
1st Prize of Rs. 80,000,000
Next Draw 25000 Premium
On 11th March 2024
In Karachi
19 Days Remaining
Next Draw 40000 Premium
On 11th March 2024
In Faisalabad
19 Days Remaining

Other Prize Bonds

What is Prize Bond Draw?

The government of Pakistan has scheduled Prize Bond Draw almost two times every month from January to December 2024 and in the computerized draw a specific number is issued against which a handsome amount is given to such prize bond holder and the details regarding the Prize Bonds rewards is given at this page where you’ll find information about 1st Prize, 2nd Prize, and 3 Prize.

Download Prize Bond Draw Schedule:

Download Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2024 complete from January to December 2024 scheduled by the Government of Pakistan. 1st balloting happened at the start of the month and 2nd balloting happened in the mid of the month. The complete details about Prize Bond balloting are given on this page from January to December. People can buy any prize bond according to the schedule, from the National Bank or State Bank of Pakistan and if your prize bond contains the same number prescribed in the balloting then you can also claim your winning amount from the National or State Bank of Pakistan.

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