Prize Bond 40000 PKR Draw List 2024

40000 PKR Prize Bond

Note: We would like to inform you that the Government of Pakistan has discontinued the Rs. 40000/- Prize Bond Draws. Banks accept Rs. 40000/- Prize Bonds as face value or in exchange there is a choice of Rs. 25000/- Premium Prize Bond or Rs. 40000/- Premium Prize Bond. Until June 30, 2023, banks can receive Rs. 40000 Prize Bonds.

Prize Bond 40000 PKR Draw List 2023 is a form of investment that is popular in Pakistan. They are issued by the National Savings Center and can be purchased from any branch of the State Bank of Pakistan, National Savings Center, or Commercial banks. The bonds come in different denominations ranging from 100 to 40,000 PKR. It is essential to keep in mind that prize bonds are a form of investment, and their returns are based on luck. Not everyone is guaranteed a win, and it is crucial to have realistic expectations.

Prize Bond Schedule 40000 PKR 2023

Every three months, a prize bond schedule is held for each denomination, including the 40,000 PKR prize bond, and the winners are selected through a computerized ballot. The prize money for each denomination varies, with the highest prize of 80 million PKR reserved for the 40,000 PKR denomination.

Online Check 40000 PKR Prize bond 2023

The results of the Prize Bond 40000 PKR 2023 draw can be checked online on the National Savings website or through leading newspapers across the country. If you are interested in purchasing prize bonds or learning more about their draws, you can visit the National Savings website or contact your nearest branch of the State Bank of Pakistan or the National Savings Center.

Prize Bond 40000 PKR 2023 Winning Amount

The Prize Bond 40000 PKR 2023 offers a first prize of 75,000,000 PKR, a second prize of 25,000,000 PKR for each 3 of the three winners, and a third prize of 500,000 PKR for each of the 1696 winners.

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