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12 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips Against The Cold

12 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips Against The Cold

12 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips Against The Cold
12 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips Against The Cold

12 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips Against The Cold

While we are ranting about the summer here, many of our readers are facing the winter. So we thought about sharing some winter hair care tips with you. Come winter and the very air changes, taking its toll on the hair at the earliest. The dry winter air, ruins the hair if not taken good care of. Here we list a few simple but essential tips on how to ensure proper care to keep those locks shining, healthy and beautiful.

Cover your hair with a scarf or a cap as you go out to brave the chill. The dry air of the season saps out the natural moisture of the hair, making them dry, brittle and frizzy. But also make sure the cap or scarf is not tied too tightly, so as to hamper the circulation.

* Apply a conditioner on a daily basis to keep the moisture intact. Using a leave in conditioner is also a good way of protecting hair.

* Do not wash your hair with extremely hot water. The heat of the water can damage the texture of the hair. Use lukewarm water only to wash.

* Do not comb wet hair especially in winters as it causes entangling and breakage of hair.

* Limit the use of blow dryers, no matter how soothing a blow dry might feel, because the dry winds already make your hair moisture deficient. Blow drying would only add to it.

* Try using the concept of ‘dry shampoo’. Use some baby talc. Sprinkle it over the hair and comb off for a smooth tangle free mane.

* After conditioning, run cold water through the hair. It will add extra shine to the your locks.

* Hot oil massage is also very replenishing for the hair during winters,as it gives ample moisture and sheen to the hair.

* Static energy is quite prevalent in winters. When hair become static and charged, combing them becomes a huge problem as it causes a lot of breakage. Use static free hair brushes for the purpose then.

* Include a lot of water in your diet to counter the effect of dryness caused by the winter seasons air.

* You can also opt for a hair replenishing mask or treatment with your local spa and salon to rehydrate and repair the dry and frizzy damaged hair.

* Trim the hair more often, cutting off half an inch every month will help the hair grow faster and also healthier. There will no more troubles of split ends and hair shaft shifting upwards.

Following these simple steps shall ensure smooth, shiny and healthy hair during the harsh winter season. So, go ahead and bounce those locks in any season!

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