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20 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know

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20 Beauty Secrets Every Teen Should Know: Teen age is one of the most sensitive and delicate age where we have to be careful from all aspects anyhow. So in teenage number of the girls suffers from skin issues and makeover issues and get worried about that, because they don’t have knowledge that which time is best to use products on the skin. Skin is the most sensitive part and is damaged soon by applying these all makeover products in this age. So here I am going to share an information and those 20 secrets which one have to act and get glowing skin and remain stress free by applying these tips and tricks.

  1. Practice a healthy skin routine, skip the foundation and deal with your natural skin. Use fruits and balanced diet to make skin naturally glowing and if you are applying so give that product one month to show its effects.
  2. Don’t over cleanse your skin because it takes the moisture and oil from skin and make it dry and dull. So wash it always with cold water.
  3. Scrub the dead skin twice a week.
  4. Make sunscreen your best friend because sun rays destroys the skin cells and causes number of diseases.
  5. Do take care of hands and neck because these areas show aging very soon.
  6. Cover up dark circles by applying concealer.
  7. Change your pillow cover twice a week because oil from your skin and scalp will destroy the glow of skin and make it dull.
  8. Do not suffocate your face with makeup.
  9. Never ever sleep in makeup.
  10. Enhance your eyebrow shape but do not overpluck this will make person look 10 years old. Go with your natural look.
  11. Do not color the hair more than two shades.
  12. Vaseline is one of the most helpful thing and act as moisturizer of the skin and lip balm also.
  13. Sleep well on time will enhance the beauty of skin.
  14. Do exercise daily and add it to your routine.
  15. Keep your nail clean always and foiled also.
  16. Apply deodorant after bathing which will keep you fragrant for 24 hours.
  17. Buy lipstick and foundation which will suit your natural tone of skin.
  18. If a person is having acne problem so must consult with dermatologist and avoid to touch the acne’s.
  19. Always make your hairstyle as natural and vibrant that it may go with your face shape and suits.
  20. Care about your health and remain fit and smart body wise.

So these all 20 secrets are beneficial for the teen age girls which must know and act on them.




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