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Benefits of a Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

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Benefits of a Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

If you use the words dry, frizzy and unmanageable to describe your hair, chances are you could benefit from a deep conditioning hair treatment. Overuse of the hairdryer or curling iron, environmental toxins and chemicals like chlorine and those found in some hair coloring products can damage your hair and strip away its natural shine, leaving it weak and unhealthy. The good news is that a deep conditioning treatment can help restore your hair and improve its appearance.

Leave Your Hair Looking Smooth and Shiny

Each strand of hair has three distinct layers, the medulla, the cortex and the cuticle. The cuticle is the thin outer layer of hair that serves as the protective barrier to the middle layer of hair, the cortex. The cuticle is composed of tiny, transparent cells that overlap, like on the shingles of a house. When this layer of hair is damaged, the scales don’t lie flat and give the appearance of frizzy, dry hair. A deep conditioning treatment will condition the cuticle and help the scale-like cells to lie flat, giving the hair a smoother and shinier appearance.

Deep Conditioning Adds Moisture to Your Hair

One of the main reasons that hair becomes unmanageable and dull looking is because it’s been stripped of its moisture. Using a hair dryer, curling iron or other heat source on your hair will strip the moisture from it. Deep conditioning treatments add moisture to your hair, restoring the fullness of each strand. Adding moisture will help plump up the hair, giving it a smoother, healthier appearance.

Deep Conditioning Treatments Protect Your Hair

Deep conditioning treatments can be part of a regular hair healthy regimen. Deep conditioners strengthen, detangle and help prevent split ends. Since deep conditioning treatments replenish moisture in the hair, if done regularly, they can prevent hair from becoming damaged when heat is applied during styling.

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