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Do’s and Don’ts of steaming your face

Do’s and Don’ts of steaming your face

Do’s and Don’ts of steaming your face

If you have bad acne, you may have tried many different methods and also products to get rid of it. If they were unsuccessful, you may be looking for something else to try.

Steaming your face can be a great way to get clear skin if it is done properly, and its easy an free to do! You can steam your face at your own home without having to go to a spa or see a professional. Steaming your face will open your pores and allow you to cleanse the impurities that are deep into your skin, getting rid of and preventing future acne.

When you are steaming your face, don’t do it over a pan. This can be dangerous and it can be hard finding a place to set it, and its difficult keeping the water warm. Do sit with a towel over your head over a sink and allow the hot water to run. Or you can try taking a shower as hot as you can stand it.

Don’t get it so hot that it burns your skin, this is going to cause damage to your skin and you can get seriously hurt. After sitting for about 5-7 minutes, your skin should be softened and opened. Don’t go longer than 8 minutes, or then your skin will start to get wrinkly being in the steam directly.

After you have steamed your face, wash it with your facial cleanser. You cleanser is going to be able to get into all of your pores and clean out all of the dirt and oil. Pat dry with a towel after washing. Since steaming your face can sometimes dry out your skin, make sure that you apply a moisturizer after your face is steamed and washed

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