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Haircuts Suited To The Face Shape

Haircuts Suited To The Face Shape

Hair Cut Will Look Best on Your Face Shape
Hair Cut Will Look Best on Your Face Shape

When you choose your haircut it is useful to take into consideration also the face and body shape. In order to make the right choices think also how will look the haircut in relation with your whole body. Some haircuts are suited to a type of body. Let’s see what kind of haircut is most appropriate to your body shape

Skinny woman
Curls, moderate volume and medium haircuts are most suitable to those of you who have such body shapes. Asymmetrical haircuts are also recommended. Don’t choose an extra-volume hairdo and don’t tap your hair as your body will look disproportionate. Avoid long hair because you will emphasise the thinness of your body. Also, a short haircut will give you a masculine look.

Plump women with appetizing shapes
A medium haircut with a breton is suitable in your case. Stay away from short haircuts or those which give you no volume. Neither curly hair nor medium or high hairdos will be appropriate in your case.

Short women
Try medium and short haircuts and also high ones which will help you appear taller. Don’t cut your hair too short because your head will look smaller than it is. Neither long hair is an option. Also avoid knitted hairdos or school girl queues.

Tall and athletic women
If you are included in this category it means that you are a lucky person because you can approach a large amount of haircuts. Avoid the usual horse tail and try adopting a haircut which offers you more volume.

Try taking into consideration these tips and you’ll see that everyone will admire you for your look.

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