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How to take better care of your skin

How to take better care of your skin
How to take better care of your skin

Skin is one of the most sensitive parts of the body which reacts to the environmental and climatic changes outside. Especially in winters due to dry wind and cold weather the skin starts to dry out and even crack that becomes painful and even untidy and un-presentable. So it is very much necessary to take good care of this skin in such weathers. Here are few guidelines that might help the individual to take good care of their skin in harsh times.

  • In winters one should try to keep their skin as lubricated a possible, they might use moisturizing fluids and lotions so that they prevent it from cracking and even from drying.
  • In winters due to cold weather the human body loses water in the shape of excessive urination, the deficiency of water is one major cause which leads to the dryness of the skin. So it is required to maintain the body water level and to keep one body hydrated by sufficient intake of water.
  • Cleansing fluids are very much effective in this cause. The skins can dry out even because of the blockage of skin pores as this prevents the skin to remain moisturized through natural fluids and oil generated by the skin. So in this concern the skin starts to die out and seems to be duller and un-shiny. Cleansing fluid when applied with slight and gentle massage will enable to unblock the pores and to make the skin more moist and shiny.
  • The skin specialist have also drawn the attention towards this fact that less sleep is also one major cause of the drying out of the skin. According to the medical researches it is being clarified that the dark circles which appear under the eye are the main case of the less sleep and late night awakeners. So it is not a healthy activity to sleep less, a normal body must sleep at least 8 to 9 hours in night to fulfill the sleep requirement of the body. Sufficient sleep will keep the skin stainless and shiny without any unwanted dark circles.
  • Oil can be also very effective in keeping the skin lubricated and moisturized. Just mix two table spoon of oil which might be of coconut or avocado, two table spoons of honey and the same amount of Rose water. Mix the three liquids and make a gentle past of it. Keep this paste in a bottle with you and when you get time just put few drops on hand and rub them and gently apply them on the skin. This will make sure that the skin remains oiled and full of moisture and will prevent it from drying.

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