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Managing Oily Skin Effectively

Your perfect days get ruin because of oily skin. Oily skin is major cause of skin problems, it invites acne, pimples, and black heads in contrast with other skins, so it is very important to care about that because every one wants to look more pretty and handsome especially women who victims these problems got inferiority complex. Here at this page we have mentioned some steps to control these problem because its very important to remove oil from skin so your skin stay  healthy and fresh.

Managing Oily Skin Effectively

Managing Oily Skin Effectively
Managing Oily Skin Effectively

Follow these steps to manage oily skin effectively.

Regular Cleansing:
In a day you must used to cleanse your oily skin several times with most recommended face wash or soup, in addition you can also use cleansing milk, toner and any other homemade products because oily skins absorb dirt easily especially when you walk out door, when dirt which your skin absorb entered in pores of skin it causing spots and black heads,  so here you must intensively cared that your figures don’t touch your face if you did  such thing the germs would transfer in your skin instantly, it will be best to use sterilized cotton swab or clean face towel.

Exfoliate Regularly:
Oily skin generate so much dead layers which must be removed to regenerate new cells, For removing dead layers Use scrub having natural ingredients like almonds and coffee beans or any homemade. Using way of scrub is; take required quantity on your hands apply it over face especially forehead, nose and chin. Massage it gently for few minutes but remember that it would not come to close your eyes, then rinse it.

Mask is very effective product to keep oily skin fresh and glowing, It also helps to produce new fresh skin cells. You can use it after scribing your face, take it and apply it on your face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it with sponge or water. You can make this mask at home with honey and fruits take care these two mask are totaly different. For honey mask take honey and warm it for few minutes then apply it at your face and let it stay for 20 minutes, massage it gently and rinse it.

Applying a Light Moisturizer:
Its really sound mad to apply moisturizer on oily skin but its necessary to provide little moisturizer to your skin that has removed after cleansing, it will helps to shine you skin.

Remove Cosmetics befor sleep:
Keep one thig in your mind that never  and ever go to sleep with out removing cosmetics on your face, it makes dangerous bacterias into your skin. Give your skin a breathe because it needs.

Healthy diet:
Diet is the most important remedy for skin treatment, healthy diet helps your skin to produce new fresh and glowing cells, in diet you can use fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, meat and water. We recommend the most use of water to keep your skin healthy.

Precautions:  Use all products after consulting with specialists.

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