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Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

The most common problem especially facing by the women is split hairs  because of long hairs, Few split hairs are normal but if you examine it is increasing it will be greatly bad for you because it diminishes the overall appearance of you and make you look frizzy dry and unhealthy. Although the best way of end this splitting end is the trimming of hair but it can be reoccurred so must follow a treatment to get rid of this curse. Here we have mentioned seven steps to get rid of split ends follow these steps.

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends

Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends
Seven Ways to Get Rid of Split Ends
  1.  Taking so much care during washing your hairs, massage your scalp gently instead of vigorously rubbing shampoo into your hairs. Your hair don’t require harshly rubbing  to clean but demand gently massage keeping a healthy dose of natural oil in place.
  2.  Do too much care about your hairs which usually we don’t and become the major reason of the hair breaking and split ends, use good quality products to rinse your hair and avoid to applying extra chemicals like hair gels and sprays.These chemicals make your hairs dry and lifeless which cause multiple hair ends.
  3. Try to keep your hairs away from heat as it can be so harmful to the hairs, the use of heating tools like straighteners, blow-dryer, hot cutter and rollers dry out the locks which caused the major breakage of hairs and prone to split ends.So letting your hair dry with natural texture rather than use of heating tools. If you must want to use blow dry, use heat protection spray and set  lower heat before using.
  4. Try to apply moisturize into your hairs because it helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends, oil is natural moisturizer but you must use a salon branded shampoo and conditioner to replace lost moisturizer because high expensive products have high concentration. Almonds oil, olive oil and coconut oil have also great benefits, massage of these oils increased blood circulation in scalp which stimulates hair growth.
  5. Try to avoid combing in your hairs while it’s wet, use a wide-toothed comb with gentlest way to remove tangles, once your hairs get dry, it will prevent you with hair breaking.
  6. Like skin Sun harmful rays UV and heat can damage your hairs. If you are used to spend your time in the sun then its so much harmful for both your hairs and skin too, use hats when you go in the sun if you are not hat wearer then use sunscreen formulated conditioners, be sure that it will be high quality conditioner.
  7. Try to avoid from Over washing and excessive use of low quality shampoo because these  can also be the reason of split hairs, just wash your hair two or three times in a week with high quality of shampoo and try to use room temperature water because hot water weak the hairs and causes of breakage and roughness.

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