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Skin care regimen for dry skin

Skin care regimen for dry skin

In winters skin becomes dry and more rigid due to the cold wind and dry atmosphere so in such conditions it is very much important to take good care of your skin and for that respective purpose it is very much crucial that the individual should develop a routine and should regimen for his or her skin care. Here is an ideal routine and time table set for the one who wishes to get rid of dry skin.

In the Morning:

  • Immediately after getting up from bed do wash the face with warm water to eliminate the dullness.
  • After it you can apply any gentle cleanser and moisturizer for sensitive skin and dry skin care. Chose the one which is free from dangerous chemicals.
  • For the purpose of toner it is good to use Rose water that will keep the skin lubricant.
  • If you are planning to move out of home than do use a good sun block and moisturizer so that it could keep the skin glowing and prevent it from drying.

During the Day:

  • It is very much important not to forget the skin in your work, so as soon you have a spare time in your breaks do apply another layer of moisturizing lotion and slightly massage it so that it could penetrate in the spores of the skin.
  • Do carry a lip gloss containing butter balm, as it will prevent the lips to dry out and tear; so for that purpose do apply the lip balm.
  • Always carry a water bottle with you because the major cause of skin drying is due to dehydration, so it is very important to maintain the water content in the body.

At night:

  • Do take a healthy food and milk so that it should avoid the deficiency of nutrients in the skin that might lead to drying of the skin.
  • Before going to bed do make sure that you have washed the face with warm water so that all the dust particles which might get intact in the skin are being removed.
  • Again do apply the moisturizing lotion and do a gentle massage so that through rubbing you can extract those particles of dust that might block the skin spores and will prevent the skin from lubrication.
  • Cleansing fluids might also be very much affective in this concern because that will enable the skin to remain moist and will prevent it from drying out.

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