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Tips For Correctly Cleaning Your Complexion

Tips For Correctly Cleaning Your Complexion

Tips For Correctly Cleaning Your Complexion
Tips For Correctly Cleaning Your Complexion

It is no need to repeat how important is to daily clean your complexion. Now I will mentions how important are these actions.

Washing your face is absolutely necessary every morning and night.

What products do you need?

In order to efficiently clean your face you need a makeup remover and a product for washing your face. Why both? You need a cleanser for removing the make-up because the product for washing your face may not be enough to remove any mascara or blush. It is used in order to remove the cleanser trails. For the eyes you should need a special, gentle cleanser.

What if you don’t use a make-up? You should still use a cleanser to remove the dust trails and other impurities you accumulate in only one day. Try once and you’ll see the cotton wool you use will be dirty even if you haven’t used any make-up.

Gently cleaning

Cleaning your complexion should start with your eyes. With a wet cotton wool piece try removing first your mascara. Then you remove the eye shadow, from the interior to the exterior. For each eye you need a new cotton wool piece, and the moves should be very gentle.

Using the face cleanser, wipe away the powder and foundation cream. Don’t forget about the front and neck. It is indicated to tie your hair before in order to have access to any area.

You should wash your face with warm water.

After cleaning the complexion you should wash the place with a special soap. Don’t use the usual soap which dehydrates and neither the douche gel used only for you body skin.

The water you use should be warm. Too cold or too hot water dehydrates and can bring imperfections such as acneea. When washing don’t rub your skin. You will hurt it.

As important as washing is clearing it with a lot of water. Any soap remains can stay on the complexion and clog pores. Remove water on the skin by tamponing it. If your skin gets read it means that you haven’t be as gentle as you should have been.

Why it is necessary to clean your complexion

If you don’t clean your face daily, make-up and dust mix the dead cells and sebum and provoke the appearance of black dots. Moreover, leaving your make-up on the face over the night ages the complexion and makes easier the clogs appearance.

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