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Why Its Better To Be A Girl – 100 Reasons

Why Its Better To Be A Girl – 100 Reasons


1. We can use tears as a threat.

2. We always carry mints.

3. We can have as many shoes as we want and nobody cares.

4. We can be some of the meanest people on earth, while most guys think we’re adorable.

5. Friday Night Sleepovers

6. If we get upset we can make the men sleep on the sofa.

7. We can cook.

8. We can sing.

9. We can get manicures, pedicures, & massages without being called gay

10.We are organized.

11. Most guys won’t hit us.

12. We always have a comeback.

13. We know how to smell good.

14. We know just what to say to make someone happy or to ruin their life.

15. We mature quicker.

16. We aren’t scared to have kids

17. We don’t lose a friendship if we both like a guy, we duke it out til someone wins.

18. We’re not afraid to ask for directions.

19. We can always find someone to pay for our drink.

20. The wedding is just how we want it.

21. If we’re picky eaters, we can just say “I’m on a diet.”

22. We slap hard.

23. We look pretty in pink.

24. It was the women God trusted to have children.

25. We know how to get the attention of the opposite sex.

26. We are better decorators.

27. We’re not afraid to dance just because we can.

28. We love to smile.

29. We can flirt and flaunt all we want.

30. We don’t get half as many speeding tickets.

31. We have girlfriends to turn to when we get in a fight with our boyfriend.

32. We know how to encourage a breakup or makeup, so the guy better respect a girl’s friends.

33. We have hopes and dreams and plans for the future.

34. We can wear skirts OR pants.

35. We know how to look pretty.

36. We’re tempting.

37. Most of us look for the best in people.

38. We look younger longer.

39. We don’t have to pay for dinner.

40. We have style.

41. We’re ALWAYS winners.

42. We have the ability to nurture our children, whether to turn them good or evil.

43. We always have time to play tea party.

44. We KNOW when something is wrong with our friends.

45. A big vocabulary makes us sound elegant, not like nerds.

46. We can grow our hair out as long as we want.

47. We’re not satisfied to just lay around and watch TV.

48. We’re the subject of all the love songs.

49. We can think people are hot and not want to date them.


50. We always check caller ID.

51. We love hot chocolate no matter how old we are.

52. We don’t have to drink beer to feel mature.

53. We can sit through an opera without throwing things.

54. We can stand up to the people who threaten to beat us up.

55. We always get stronger when heartbroken, instead of desperate.

56. We ALWAYS know who’s in charge.

57. We don’t dread packing five suitcases.

58. We’re willing to buy expensive gifts.

59. We aren’t as rash in decision-making.

60. We know how to boost a guy’s ego.

61. We know how to get a party started.

62. We can come up with excuses NOT to see you.

63. Our role-models can be women OR men.

64. No matter how mean we are, we can always get someone to fall in love with us.

65. Most of the time we can make vengeful intentions look sweet.

66. We wake up in the morning saying, “Good morning sunshine!” instead of “SH** IM LATE!”

67. If we aren’t really happy, we can always fake a smile when its important to him.

68. We can pass notes without getting caught.

69. We’re satisfied as long as we’re having fun.

70. We don’t swear to just to look tough.

71. Promises are important to us, whether given or received.

72. We aren’t afraid to throw things at someone of the opposite sex.

73. We trust our boyfriends when they say “its a surprise”

74. Listening to someone of the opposite sex sing, especially if they have a bad voice, will make our day.

75. We don’t always say what we mean.

76. We don’t care about a boy’s popularity status.

77. We’ll fight for a guy’s love.

78. We can wear TWO earrings.

79. We can like the Backstreet Boys without getting made fun of.

80. We can hug anyone we want without being considered “soft”.

81. We don’t have to be able to bench a lot to be considered strong.

82. We’re not afraid to go to marriage counseling.

83. We can cry during sad movies and laugh about it later.

84. People make new sports just for us (softball & cheerleading).

85. When we do poorly in school, we can blame it on the teacher.

86. We can wear makeup.

87. We’re willing to say “I love you” more than once a day, in case once just isn’t enough.

88. We know that when another girl cries, its not always a bad thing.

89. We can be swayed to forgive easily.

90. We can take time to make our AIM profile pretty without being considered a computer geek.

91. Our handwriting is ALWAYS better.

92. Boys don’t care how wealthy we are.

93. We can be considered beautiful when we look our worst.

94. If we’re not athletic we can just pretend we’re not trying.

95. We can make the guy ask US if we wanna go out with him.

96. We can change our haircolor as many times as we want to whatever we want without being told we’re self-obsessed.

97. We can make a big deal out of anything.

98. We can lie better.

99. We have cuter laughs.

100. We look better in your clothes than you do.


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