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What Do Your Jeans Say About You

What Do Your Jeans Say About You?

What Do Your Jeans Say About You
What Do Your Jeans Say About You

Distressed Denim: Not Just for Teens
A woman wearing distressed denim is telling you she has a wild side, says Michael Holdaway, wardrobe stylist and fashion show producer. “It usually goes unnoticed, but it’s ready to be unleashed at the drop of a hat.”

But, they’re not for everyday! Don’t rock them to a dressy event. Instead, pair your sandblasted jeans with sexy tops and accessories for casual occasions.

Boyfriend Jeans: The Trend That Keeps on Truckin’
This cut and style is still going strong after a few seasons, says New York-based style expert Jene Luciani, author of The Bra Book: The Fashion Formula to Finding the Perfect Bra (BenBella Books, 2009). “The woman that wears boyfriend jeans likes to be trendy, and is relaxed and comfortable in her own skin.”

How to wear the trendy denim: Pair man-tailored jeans with something girly on top for a nice juxtaposition.

Skinny Jeans: You’ve Got to Work Out to Work ‘Em
Strutting your stuff in skinny jeans means one thing: You enjoy showing off your body, says Diane Parente, style and wardrobe consultant. “Skinny jeans say ‘I want to attract male attention,’ and they do.

Caution: Skinny jeans are for slender and fit bodies only. Wear a long top either tucked in or worn on the outside to avoid a “whale’s tail” fashion disaster (a.k.a. your thong showing).

Boot-Cut Jeans: Cautiously Classic
Lani Rosenstock, a style consultant in New York and Washington, DC, says boot-cut jeans are a step above “mom jeans.” In other words, they make for a flattering look, but they’re not exactly trendsetting. “Boot-cuts say you’re not willing to push the envelope, but you’re also not willing to be completely left behind.”

How to make them cool? Wear them with a more modern shoe and funky accessories to liven up the look.

Jeggings: Slimtastic!
As in, jean-leggings… These super-slim pants are often manifestations of personality traits like being ultra-trendy and having a youthful flair. But, keep in mind that they are best worn by slim gals, says Sherrie Mathieson, style consultant and author of Forever Cool: How to Achieve Ageless, Youthful and Modern Personal Style. “Leggings are very useful since they have a ‘tights’ effect. They are great with voluminous, long and multi-layered tops.”

Where to wear ’em: Legging-like jeans are great for fall if tucked into flat knee-high boots for a casual day or with high heels for a sexy date night.

White Jeans: New Rules
Old fashion rules (like “no white after Labor Day”) no longer apply, assures Luciani. Women who don white jeans beyond summer are seen as tasteful rule breakers.

But, do it the right way. Wear your white denim with abandon, just be sure to pair it with fall/wintery separates and accessories.

Bell-Bottoms: Old School Style
The bell-bottom wearing woman is one who appreciates the “vintage” look, says Debbie Wright, a fashion and lifestyle consultant. But, she cautions, they work mostly for women who have some height to their frames. “The width of the leg is balanced best by a taller woman,” she says.

Word to the wise: Bell-bottoms paired with a fitted top will draw attention to the waistline.

“Mom” Jeans: The Ultimate Sin
The woman wearing “mom jeans” is typically someone over 40 who thinks that since the old jeans in her closet still fit, they are just fine. Well, says Wright, that’s not the case. The typical pair of mom jeans (tapered, too high in the waist, baggy hips), creates a most disproportionate look. “Clothing, just like food, does have an expiration date.”

There’s no saving “mom jeans.” Instead, go to the nearest department store and see just how flattering a pair of dark denim boot cut jeans can be, advises Wright. Then, don’t look back.

Colored Denim: Beyond Blue
Why live on just blue alone? A colored jean suggests whimsy and fun with a bit of “I’m not afraid to experiment” mixed in, says Carol Davidson, president of StyleWorks of Union Square, a NYC-based image consultancy. Just avoid going monochrome yellow over yellow, for instance, is a fashion disaster waiting to happen.

How to wear it? “Since the colored denim will take center stage,” says Davidson, “pair it on top with neutrals and clean lines.”

Baggy Jeans: A Tough Sell
When you head down the street in baggy jeans, it says you don’t care much about showing off your figure, and you just want to be comfortable, says Luciani. You’re definitely laid back, and while that can be a positive thing, it’s more likely that you’ll just come across as sloppy.

One way to save baggy jeans: “Go with something slim and figure-flattering on top, like maybe a V-neck that shows off some cleavage,” suggests Luciani.

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