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Burn the Fat with Night Exercise

Burn the Fat with Night Exercise

Burn the Fat with Night Exercise

Are you among those who are busy and have little time to exercise in the morning? if yes, you can do exercise at night after work. Exercise at night will make you sleep better and more fit body next day. You can do exercise at the gym or at home. If you choose home exercise, here are some simple exercises you can do when exercise at night.

Use dumbbells
Make a movements to strengthen the upper body and your stomach using dumbbells. Do not forget to do the lifting dumbbells in a standing position to form the upper back. Or you can do a squat jump to make your thigh tight.

Ball balance
You can eliminate fatigue in the back due to too much sitting with a balance ball. How, lay down with chest down ward on the ball and keep the balance. Position the body like a superman that will fly and lift the leg slowly and feel the buttocks contraction. Perform the count of eight for right thigh and do the same on left thigh.

Without tool
Without any tool you can still exercise. Push ups, sit-ups, can burn calories and build muscle.

Exercises with DVD
Collect home fitness DVD and follow its instruction. If you want to raise your heart rate, choose a high impact exercise. Then, if you want to feel relaxed, select the type of low impact exercise.


Stretching and flexibility exercises in yoga is an important part in sports and easy to do. This exercise can reduce stress levels and make your sleep more well. Do stretching exercises or yoga before you go to bed

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